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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please contact us.

What problem does the Piggy software solve?

With Piggy, you can build custom loyalty programs without the help of developers. So instead of hiring an expensive agency to build a custom program, we give you and your team all the building blocks you need to build a custom loyalty program yourself.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, you can try out the product and build a loyalty program, but with limited features. You can set up 3 rewards, integrate with your systems (like POS, payment, and HR), create digital or physical rewards and even incorporate gift cards.

What type of loyalty programs can I build?

Because our tool is so flexible, it can be used for multiple use cases - point programs, tiered programs, paid programs, and more.

Customer loyalty: Think of a reward program for in-store and website customers.

Brand loyalty: Launch a loyalty program to create brand fans for a specific product.

Employee loyalty: Set up an employee recognition and loyalty program to boost productivity and drive down turnover.

Curious how other industries use our software? Check out the customer case and industry pages.

What type of features do you offer?

The core of our software is the creation of digital & physical rewards, along with deciding how your members can earn them with loyalty rules and gamification quirks that go from simple to complex. Think of setting up loyalty tiers and multipliers on specific dates.

Once your team has decided what you want to reward and how, you can start setting up automated triggers with automations along with our email tool. Think of automatically sending new members a free reward, or campaigns to win back customers that haven’t bought anything in the last 3 months. With our widget and form feature, people can easily join your program via any channel.

And thanks to our CRM feature, you’ll have all insights into your campaign performance and can start segmenting your audience to have an even bigger impact.

Do I get my own loyalty app?

Yes, you get your own white-label loyalty app. You simply create your loyalty program and can then connect it to your own custom web app. All you need to do is go to ‘custom app’, add your own branding, and voilà - you’re done. 

Make sure all your customers and/or employees download this app, too. Here are a few tips to get you started on promoting your loyalty program and app.

Via what channels will my loyalty program be available?

Anywhere - we facilitate multi-channel loyalty.

You can launch your program in-store or in-office and let members collect via your own branded loyalty app, tablet and/or POS integration.

Members can join, collect points and redeem rewards online or on your webshop via the widget.

Thanks to this flexibility, you can promote your program in multiple ways - from QR codes on menus to app download buttons in e-mails.

Check out these tips on promotion.

Is my loylaty program white-label?

Yes, your program and all the tools that come with it are fully white-label. You can use easy drag & drop tools to create your own branded app, loyalty program web page, emails, gift cards and loyalty cards.

What type of rewards can I create?

Your team can create any type of digital or physical reward. With the drag and drop tool, simply add the reward, a description, an image, and how many points (or other currency) the reward is worth, it will be added to your loyalty program.

How can I integrate my existing tools (and why should I)?

Your program can be integrated easily with all your existing tools. It’s as easy as adding a line of code. If you don’t see the integration in our directory, you can always use our open API. 


Because our software is used for multiple use cases - from driving employee motivation and happiness to customer loyalty - we integrate with a wide variety of tools and systems. Think of HR, POS & eCommerce providers. 


Why would you integrate? It simply eliminates manual tasks. For example: via a POS integration, customers can pay and collect points automatically by using their credit or bank card. There is no manual work needed from either side. 


When integrating with your HR tool, you can automatically reward members based on the HR data that’s already available, like worked hours or ‘employee of the month’ awards.

What can I do with the automations feature?

The automation feature allows you to build any type of customer or employee flow you want. From automatically sending out emails to new members, to point status updates, win-back campaigns, thank you emails, employee onboarding emails - you get the point. Any data or action you create can be a trigger for an email or other campaign. Choose to send to all your members or specific segments. Pretty awesome, right?