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Draw in new members or push new products with vouchers.

Create multiple use or single use vouchers for any product, service, or discount of your choosing, and design it to be perfectly on-brand. Think anything from free shipping to a free coffee.

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Performance driven

Built for efficiency.

Our email automation tool gives you a wide choice of templates to choose from. Swap in your branding and content as you need - all it takes is a few clicks.

Home of loyalty

Sculpt loyalty journeys with automated email campaigns.

Steer your members in the right direction with custom campaigns. Create campaigns for initiatives like holidays, along with automated campaigns that target certain actions within certain customer segments.

Send gift cards, rewards & more

More than just a message.

Include gift cards, rewards, status updates and more within your emails to maximize customer engagement. Plus, you can start from scratch or choose a template to ensure there’s an email for every occasion.

We decided to move with the times by digitizing for more opportunities to interact with guests and gather customer data.
Jimmy ManManager Takumi Rotterdam

Experience management

Get better every time with insights and triggers.

Use actions to trigger email campaigns that give you instant data insights so that you can adjust your emails based on real-time feedback. Improving your email game has never been easier.

Step up your loyalty game.

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