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Custom forms

Enrich member profiles with custom data forms.

Gather the data that matters most to you and record it within your member profiles to enrich profiles and make personalization even easier.

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Performance driven

Choose from intuitive templates or create custom forms.

Use forms for anything from sign-ups to figuring out a member’s favorite foods. Choose from a range of templates for a quick and easy solution, or you can start from scratch for more specific needs.

Freedom to experiment

Full control over content & design.

Your forms can appear in your app or website, among other places. That means you want to keep them to be snappy and attractive - easy! Simply drag and drop content blocks and designs within your form builder.

We have created the Sushito Family to create a loyal customer base through our Loyalty program in which we reward them for their restaurant visits and online orders.
Steven den HeetenCo-owner Sushito

Rewards for data

Make it worth their while.

Reward your members for providing data through credits. Simply include a QR code at the end of your form or base an automation on form submission to reward data provision from members.

Step up your loyalty game.

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