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The easiest loyalty software out there

Establish an emotional connection by building powerful loyalty programs that drive revenue. Set your rewards, send targeted messages, sell gift cards, and so much more. All from one easy dashboard. 

More than +10.000 companies grow with Piggy

Easy loyalty software

The smartest way to build loyalty

Forget about punch cards. Skip developer drama. We make it ridiculously easy to create any type of loyalty program you want. Thanks to easy integrations, tools and customizable rules, you can build your program in days, not months. 

Customer loyalty programs

Drive repeat purchases and customer retention

Make sure customers come back again and again. With more than 1.000 features you can build powerful loyalty programs that drive repeat purchases. Offer any sort of gift, experience or reward you want. Then decide how customers can earn them.

Brand loyalty programs

Turn customers into fans with brand loyalty programs

With brand loyalty programs you can drive the emotional connection shoppers feel towards your brand. Reward for purchases, data submission, referrals and more. Make customers choose your product over competitors - every time.

Employee recognition program

Motivate your employees with rewards and incentives

Retain your best employees with a powerful recognition program. Show appreciation by rewarding for achieved goals - like revenue targets, KPI's and learning on the job. Build it yourself and integrate with all your (HR) systems.

“I love how our team can roll out loyalty programs and marketing campaigns, without the help of development.”
Sven KomijnFounder, Sushito

Fast & easy launch

Drive loyalty in 3 easy steps

More than +1.000 loyalty features allow you to build any loyalty program that suites your business goals. From membership to point-based and tiered programs. Get started today!

Create rewards

Sign-up for free and create your first reward.

Set your rules

Decide on your loyalty rules - points, tiers, memberships.

Integrate with your systems

Connect to your systems with one line of code.

We play well with others

Piggy integrates directly with your existing stack to automate your workflows - from eCommerce to POS and HR-systems. Grow your business without the hassle. 

Ready to build a powerful loyalty program?