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Grow your business with loyalty

Loyalty and engagement software to encourage behaviors in customers and employees alike. Drive behaviors and communicate effortlessly from your all-in-one dashboard.

Join the 10.000 companies growing loyalty globally

Easy loyalty software

The smartest way to build loyalty

Skip developer drama. We give you the tools to easily create the exact program you want - everything from rewards to redemption rules and custom design kits. Plus, our drag-and-drop system means you can get started in just one day.

Customer loyalty programs

Drive repeat purchases and customer retention

Don't just make sales, make lasting relationships. We give you all the features you need to attract, retain, and delight your customers. Drive business with custom marketing campaigns, rewards, and CRM tools.

Employee recognition program

Drive business results with rewards and incentives

Motivate employees and show them how much they matter with a recognition & rewards program. Communicate effortlessly and reward anything from healthy lunches to referrals or hitting KPIs.

We've learned a lot from the data we've gathered. Plus, the system is very easy to use.
Jimmy ManManager Takumi Rotterdam


We play well with others

Piggy integrates directly with your existing tools to speed up your workflows. More than 100 integrations - from eCommerce to POS and HR systems.

Ready to build a powerful loyalty program?

Join over 10.000 companies already growing with Piggy.