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Loyalty automation

Scale up and perfect your brand experience with automation

Be where you couldn't before with automation. Rewards, campaigns, and gift cards will all publish based on triggers chosen by you - you'll hardly lift a finger.

Join the 10.000 companies using Piggy

Never miss a beat

Custom workflows or templates for every occasion

Our platform gives you a library of automations so that you don't have to waste time. Choose from one of these templates or create your very own from scratch.

Full control, minimal hassle

Kick off automations with triggers of your choice

Automation gives you the power to be in the right place at the right time. Triggers make sure that your rewards and communication are always in context.

Full functionality

A flow for every occasion

Our action-based workflows mean that you can create the right automation for every scenario. Choose from delays, if/then branches, or even automate profile enrichment with contact attributes.

Lighten your workload

Automation doesn’t mean standardization

Our automation feature gives you the freedom to experiment without worrying about errors or heavy workloads. Test out different campaigns or triggers without bringing your workload through the roof.

Step up your loyalty game.

Join over 10,000+ companies already growing with Piggy.