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Stand out from the crowd.

Grow the emotional connection shoppers feel towards your brand with a powerful loyalty program. Make your customers choose your brand over others — again and again.

Join the 10.000+ companies using Piggy

No-code loyalty builder

Easily build a powerful loyalty program for your brand.


Keep members engaged with marketing automation.


Create giftcards and sell more products. 

Your loyalty engine to connect, engage and promote.

Intensify the connection between your brand and shoppers through smart loyalty programs that you can easily build yourself. Make your customers happy and your brand stand out. 

Get more repeat purchases, beat the competition and keep your brand at the top of the game.

Customers spend 27% more when they have a positive emotional connection with a brand.


Change shopping behavior with the right rewards.

Each time you reward a customer, you'll appeal to their emotional side and their loyalty towards your brand will grow. Choose any type of physical or digital reward you want — from discounts to giftcards and experiences. Reward your shoppers for any activity, like: 

  • Visiting your store 

  • Spending money

  • Referring friends

  • Posting to social media

  • Leaving a review


Be where your shoppers are — online and offline.

Engaging with shoppers by knowing where they are is the secret to a successful program. Our easy software collects and redeems rewards on any channel. Think of QR codes on your packaging, in-store POS integration or via a mobile wallet — choose it your way.

  • QR codes

  • Online orders

  • Loyalty cards

  • In-store POS

  • Pay and collect

  • Mobile wallet

Loyalty tiers

Give your most loyal fans the special treatment.

Set up a straightforward points program — the more shoppers buy, the more rewards they can earn. Or, make your most loyal customers feel extra special with a tier program that gives them extra perks — encouraging them to reach the top of your program for extra perks and benefits.   


Win time and drive engagement.

Send automated marketing messages to drive enthusiasm and engagement on your loyalty program — rewards, points, badges, reminders, birthday specials, vouchers, thank-you emails, sent all by themselves. Integrate with your own stack or simply use Piggy’s built-in marketing automation tool. 


Decrease churn with smart segmentation.

Use smart segmentation to further understand customer behavior. See which customers are at risk and which ones aren't, based on their activity. Then, build smart loyalty journeys that turn‘ at risk’ shoppers to ‘loyal fans’ — optimize the lifetime of every customer. 

  • From ‘at risk’ to ‘loyal fan’

  • Increase your repeat customer rate

  • Make every interaction personal


Send special offers and promotions.

Create giftcards and vouchers for shoppers to win, share, top-up, spend directly or save for later. It’s a clever way to drive extra revenue or to protect your cashflow as part of your refund program. 


See your performance
at a glance.

At its core, a loyalty program is a way to collect valuable data about your customers. With our CRM, all customer touchpoints are visible to your team and ready for them to utilize — from purchase data to email open rates and reward redemption. Optimize the loyalty journey based on data and get to know your customers — all from your super simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

Start building brand loyalty today