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Drive engagement with rules and tiers

Inject some fun into your program by introducing some healthy competition. Challenge members to achieve exclusive rewards, level up in loyalty tiers, or use it to motivate your employees with point multipliers.

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Constant engagement

Not just fun and games

Use gamification features like rules and tiers to drive member engagement through happy hours, tiers and point multipliers. You can even use gamification to enrich your database.

Customer experience

Maintain full control with conditions and branches

You maintain full control with various conditions and branches, so your loyalty rules always hit the spot. Choose what actions the rules apply to, and create a rule for any scenario - all easily built directly in your dashboard.

Loyalty tiers

Use tiers to drive engagement & give your program exclusivity

Choose and name your very own tiers to bring your loyalty to new levels - literally. Apply exclusive rules to each tier, choose qualifying criteria, and create incentives for members to reach new tiers.

Gamification made a huge difference for us. Even simple things like point multiplier rules or happy hours can really drive loyalty.
Wobbe van ZoelenAnne & Max

Member engagement

Motivate members to reach new loyalty tiers

Motivate members with progress bars and challenges to reach new tiers. Displayed directly in your member app and dashboard so that they’re always saving for more.

Step up your loyalty game.

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