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Our mission

We bring people and businesses together with the world's smartest loyalty engine. Our mission is to help businesses and those most important to them to grow their loyalty while building strong relationships.

Piggy for everyone

Piggy leads the market in loyalty.

From small enterprises to franchises, we’ve helped businesses to optimise their customer and employee benefits and rewards packages through the integration and use of our loyalty software. Whether your business goals are to find repeat customers, keep employees happy, or create a loyal fanbase around your brand, we have the tools to get you to these goals.

We created Piggy for everyone: our software is compatible with your existing tools and systems - anytime, anywhere. Teams can now simply connect to their current tools to build the loyalty programs and campaigns they want, customise them to their needs, and put them live instantly.

Today, we’ve helped over 10,000 clients from three offices globally in a mission to help businesses grow faster and create long-term connections.