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We’re on a mission to create user-focused, future-proof loyalty solutions that give people and businesses the resources and opportunities they need to form closer connections that are both rewarding and mutually beneficial.

Our story

Piggy was founded in 2013 by Christiaan Bilthof, Sander Levert and Niels Levert. It was their aim to help businesses grow by building strong customer relationships.

At Piggy we believe that loyalty is the driving force to build those long term relationships.

So, we started to build an innovative platform capable of serving all sorts of businesses across the world via smart features and innovative integrations.

Nowadays Piggy is a leading loyalty platform providing all the tools businesses need in a rapidly changing business landscape to strengthen their customer relationships.

Our journey

Founded by Chris, Sander and Niels in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Piggy records 20,000 new members in a single month for the first time.
Piggy moves from a basement to a professional office building in Utrecht.


Our team is committed to helping all businesses grow.
Together, we turn ambitious plans into reality.
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Our locations

The Netherlands HQ

Bisonspoor 3002 B901
3605 LT Maarssen


Parkstraße 40
88212 Ravensburg

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