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Every company is unique. That's why Piggy is designed to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here's what some of them have to say about Piggy.
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Hospitality & Piggy

Create a
lasting impression

The hospitality industry is all about the personal touch. Know exactly who your loyal guests are and increase loyalty with personalised emails, gift cards and rewards.

“With Piggy we can very easily roll out loyalty programs for all locations. We see that customers come back much more often and are very happy with the extras they deserve. ”

Sven Komijn · Owner

Retail & Piggy

Make shopping
a party

With Piggy you turn every customer visit into an experience. Strengthen the loyalty of your customers and become the permanent address, in the shopping street and online.

"The convenient thing about Piggy is that we also collect e-mail addresses and data directly from all our saving customers. With the Piggy e-mail module, we thus keep a line of communication with all our customers."

Jorien Kunst · Izy Fashion

E-commerce & Piggy

More repeat purchases
and loyal fans

In e-commerce, loyal customers drive the fastest growth. With the right rewards and smart marketing, customers come back to you again and again.

“The way in which we can apply Piggy's tools perfectly matches the brand experience we want to convey. In direct contact with our guests and make choices based on data. We really like that. "

Onno Zwart · Owner

Staff & Piggy

More loyal to
your company

Let your employees take advantage of discounts and save points for great rewards. An easy, fun way to increase employee engagement.

“We prefer to keep employees with us for as long as possible. Thanks to Piggy they are now saving for nice extras and we see that this has a really positive effect. ”


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