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Retain and motivate your best employees.

Use employee recognition and rewards to motivate teams and create a culture everyone wants to be a part of. Build it yourself, fast and easy.

Join the 10.000+ companies using Piggy

Use the no-code builder

Easily build the program all by yourself - no coding.

Motivate your teams

Motivate teams with goals, points
and rewards.

Create smart workflows

Run your program automatically by integrating it with your tools.

The right incentive program can increase employee performance by as much as 44%.

Keep your team happy and reduce turnover.

An employee recognition software that’s designed to be effortless for both you and your employees. 

Celebrate targets, say thanks for achievements or send birthday gifts — all set up quickly on one platform.

Reward anything

Build a powerful culture and celebrate achievements.

Our Employee Recognition software helps build a positive company culture. Show people that their contributions are valued, boost performance, and retain your best talent with incentives and thank you’s. 


Say thanks for reaching last month's targets or product launches.


Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones.

Positive behaviors

Encourage behaviors like healthy lunches or gym visits.

Company values

Reward shared values like asking for feedback or social initiatives.

Flexible incentives

Pick rewards that
make everyone go
the extra mile.

Your employees will feel valued with the right incentives — whether it’s merchandise, gift cards, experiences or charitable donations.  You can even provide discounts on company products and merchandise and build loyalty from the inside out.


Manage nominations and awards from one place.


Giveaway exclusive corporate discounts.


Reward with digital and physical gifts or gift cards.


Give away perk like an extra time off.

Apply gamification

Nominate top performers
with gamification.

Drive engagement through the roof by gamifying your program. Rank members into groups like gold, silver and bronze, all based on your company’s values. Put top performers and teams in the spotlight.


Give out awards for your top performers.


Give away badges to your top performers.


Encourage everyone to reach the highest levels.

Easy integrations

Win time with workflow automation.

Run your program fully automatic by integrating it with your current stack, like HR or project management tools. Rewards, points, badges, thank-you emails, they’ll all send themselves — you’ll hardly lift a finger.


See your performance
at a glance.

Get the insights needed to improve employee experience and satisfaction. Know which incentives are driving engagement and culture, see the level of participation for teams and individuals and drive employee performance based on data — easy as that.

Build a powerful culture today.

Join over 10,000+ companies already growing with Piggy.