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Build powerful reward programs, easily.

Build a loyalty program that truly resonates with your audience. Set up earned rewards, see actionable insights, and make changes on the fly—all from one platform.

Join the 10,000+ companies using Piggy

No-code builder

Launch your program with our easy-to-use and intuitive loyalty builder.

Fully customizable

Determine every detail of your loyalty program, from flexible rules to achievable rewards.

Personalized programs

Engage your users and get them hooked with tier programs, gamification, and personalization. 

Easy set-up

Build the loyalty program of your dreams.

We make it ridiculously easy to create any type of loyalty program you want. Integrate all your tools and systems in just a few clicks and build your program with the intuitive builder. No coding required. 

Loyalty Strategy

Strengthen loyalty with any strategy.

Build programs that challenge and reward the people who matter most to your business—whether they’re customers, guests, or employees. Challenge members to reach the next level of your program with different gamification strategies.


Reward members with points per purchase, or goals achieved.


Use a tiered program and motivate members to reach top levels.


Partner up with other companies to start a coalition loyalty program

Flexible rules & rewards

Customize every detail of your program.

Offer members enticing rewards. Vouchers, gift cards, freebies, donations—you name it. Use loyalty rules to decide how they can earn more. With over 1.000 settings & features, such as expiration dates, point boosters, or custom attributes, you’re only limited to your imagination.

Design control

Create an on-brand experience.

Use our easy editor to create a beautifully branded loyalty program that matches your guidelines. Make every touchpoint on-brand, fun, and exciting for your audience.

Marketing automation

Send automated messages to keep members engaged.

Connect your program with marketing automation and send triggered messages like point updates or reward emails. Keep your program in the minds of your members via any channel—from email, SMS, voice chat, to social media.

Easy integration & automation

Run your program
on autopilot.

Integrate your program with existing tools and systems to ensure member profiles are updated with every action. 

Set triggers and automate workflows based on demographics, purchases, or actions. Start with the basics, then connect to different touchpoints and systems as you grow.


Reward members based on demographics, like birthdays.


Reward buying behavior, such as order value or frequency. 


Trigger rewards based on actions, like walked miles and worked hours.

Program analytics

Confidently optimize your program with data.

Collect valuable data about your members and their behavior in your database. Then, use analytics to gain insights on your best members, redeemed rewards, and assess the overall engagement of your program. Optimize and test new ideas in real-time—all from one platform.

"We've really noticed a stronger connection with our customers since we started our loyalty and rewards program."

Ready to build a powerful loyalty program?

Join over 10.000 companies already growing with Piggy.