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Get valuable insights with loyalty CRM

Loyalty programs are a way to collect valuable data. Get all the right insights and optimize your program to increase retention.

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Monitor your program performance at a glance.

Your home dashboard will give you and your team access to all the metrics that matter: total loyalty members, points issued, transactions, campaign open rate and more. Filter and compare by program, store or date. All the tools to measure the success of your program. 


Understand your audience and set up experiments.

Understand customers’ purchase frequency, the average time between purchases, engagement rates, how to redeem points and so much more. Dig deep into the data to really get to know your customers and identify new growth opportunities. Experiment, monitor and repeat.

Marketing mix

Run more personalized campaigns.

Get access to every customer interaction to personalize your campaigns. Collect data from all touchpoints - store visits, mobile usage, online transactions, tier levels, email opens, badges & more. With this 360 view of your audience, your team can tailor their channel mix and create more engaging programs.


Create powerful segmentations.

Perhaps you want to give back to your biggest spenders or give quiet customers something to come back for. Segments will show you exactly who your top members are in a glance, giving you all the power to drive behavior and experiment with different communication flows.  


Use filters to divide your audience into segments. 

Standard data

Segment by demographics, points and transactions.

Custom attributes

Filter by attributes that represent any type of action. 


Get better insights into multiple locations.

Track purchases across all channels. Use data from all sources, whether it’s digital or in-store purchases. Merge purchase operations from multiple franchise locations, subsidiaries or brands.

"The convenient thing about Piggy is that we also collect e-mail addresses and data directly from all our customers using loyalty cards to collect points."
Jorien KunstIzy Fashion

Really get to know your audience.

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