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All partners


As a messaging specialist, Spryng helps companies via SMS and Whatsapp, to increase their sales, optimize the customer journey and improve engagement.

Abakom KM Informatique



WiMakeIT helps you to set up your Magento online shop in no time. They provide you a tailor-made e-commerce platform by adapting it to your specific needs.


Sides offers a cloud-based all-in-one software package for gastronomic delivery services.


OctoPOS offers user-friendly POS systems and software, while facilitating integrated use of Piggy loyalty functions.


CentralApp offers the creation and maintenance of a smart website with powerful integrations and high search engine rankings.

Van Hessen

The full-service IT partner for the hospitality and F&B industries.

Fan Factory

Fan-ergize your enterprise.


With LOYYO, every non-cash payment can seamlessly turn into a loyalty transaction, member, and valuable insights.


Envision Technologies Aruba provides software for the hospitality and retail industries.


Nostradamus is the management system that helps you with issues such as planning, hour logging, communication & forecasting.


ITReflex help small and wholesalers successfully digitize their store.


AlfaPOS helps hospitality businesses and SMEs to build an IT network with an eye for quality and productivity. provides businesses from all sectors with POS systems tailored to their industry.


Easy Order provides app and web-page ordering solutions for food businesses.

Kassa Devuyst

Kassa Devuyst provides POS solutions to businesses from bakeries to shoe shops.

Touch Systems

A cash register solution for every retail trade, restaurant or food store.


Rakedi provides tailored e-commerce & online ordering solutions for the food industry.


The largest branch of Asian hospitality entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

DIGI Benelux

DIGI is one of the largest suppliers of scales and cash registers in the food industry, offering integrated loyalty functions with Piggy.

Kassanet Pieterse

Your trusted partner for Mplus & Vectron POS systems.


Scape propels and future proofs your brand within the digital landscape.


Cloud platform & apps: (white) cash registers for hospitality & retail. Also self-order kiosks, webshops, QR Order, payment solutions ... with open API.

Kassanet Nuus

KassaNet Nuus strives to be the cash register solution for every business.


The self-learning Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates real-time, personalized customer profiles, enabling you to meet customers exactly how they want.


MS POS is your all-in-one partner for retail and hospitality, offering POS systems tailored to your business - all with the Piggy loyalty plug-in.


Offering comprehensive gift & loyalty systems for businesses.


Most trusted platform for self ordering in the hospitality industry.


AdPage is the landingpagetool for all SME companies and integrates directly with Piggy for optimal leadgeneration.

Social Media Ondernemer

No stress anymore about your social strategy. Just continuous growth of your company.


Adnamics provides complete solutions for automating processes in hospitality, including collection of loyalty points due to their integration with Piggy.


The market-leading provider of POS systems in hospitality and is fully connected to Piggy, facilitating collection of loyalty points and redemption of giftcards.

Foodyx BV

The Piggy integration with Foodyx, a modular POS system, allows you to establish an omnichannel customer experience and loyalty strategy.

Touch Promotions

Touch Promotions creates successful marketing and promotion campaigns for your customers and employees.


Weda retail and industrial scales are easily compatible with Piggy loyalty and gift card functionalities. Weigh, pay, collect points.

Marti Orbak Software

Marti Orbak provides software specifically for bakeries and runs smoothly when combined with Piggy loyalty functions.

Compad NL

Compad provides creative and administrative software for various industries, all compatible with Piggy loyalty functions.

Countr POS

Countr POS is the #1 omnichannel POS platform offering different ecommerce integration and is connected to Piggy loyalty solutions.

De Ridder & Den Hertog

R&H provides POS systems, software and scales. Customers can now automatically collect loyalty points thanks to the integration with Piggy.


As un système de point de vente et de commerce électronique pour les restaurants de livraison, qui vous permet d'utiliser les fonctions de fidélisation et de carte cadeau via l'intégration de Piggy.

Bon Vivant In-site

Equips your website, webshop and corresponding photography and narrowcasting content. All of the webshops have access to the integration with Piggy.

UPTA Horeca Automatisering

UPTA Horeca Automatisering offers unTill POS systems for hospitality, fully integrated with Piggy.

Janssens Kassasystemen B.V.

Janssens Kassasystemen B.V. offers POS systems for hospitality, retail and medical care. Our collaboration provides them with additional loyalty functions.


The Onesix kiosk is a great way for bars and restaurants to automate their ordering process, allowing customers to directly collect loyalty points via Piggy.


Posonas POS systems are flexible and user-friendly while being directly connectable to Piggy.


The advertising agency Dirk Doet is happy to consult with you about optimal use of Piggy solutions.


Butlaroo enables mobile ordering and payments in hospitality, allintegrated with Piggy loyalty functions.

Trees for all

Together, let’s build a better climate and more biodiversity by planting trees with Trees for All.


Dreamlab executes your digital projects and designs, along with developing WooCommerce webshops and Wordpress websites for you.

Elevate Digital

A full-service marketing agency that helps you to implement effective online marketing strategies, create a powerful brand, or transform your online presence.


2BeFresh focuses on optimizing the web presence of companies. Let them create your WooCommerce webshop or assist you with online marketing.


SYcommerce offers digital consultancy, web development and market research services to support your business’ online growth.

The Fully Bookers

As online experts in hospitality, The Fully Bookers ensure that none of your tables or beds are left empty. This helps to maximize your profit and increase revenue.


Zeo is an online marketing and web development agency, helping you set up your Shopware webshop and develop successful marketing strategies.


Prixo is the ideal planning tool. Increase productivity by quickly scheduling people, projects and tasks, keep an overview & make efficient adjustments. Online or in-app.


CASPOS allows you to adapt your POS to your specific needs while providing a modern and user-friendly experience.


Trivec provides a restaurant POS system that is reliable, offers many payment methods and is easily integrated.


Revout is your reliable partner for high quality POS software solutions and professional IT services


Lapsley is a specialist provider of EPOS to both the retail and hospitality industries.


Planday helps you build an employee schedule faster by taking into account staff vacation, availability, payroll costs and more.


Yesty is a tool for HR, Customer Care & Sales to reward and thank your employees or customers.


L1NDA's customized schedules make scheduling, managing and paying your employees hassle-free.


EXTRA is a student employment agency specializing in filling staffing needs in the hospitality industry.


Umbraco is the fastest-growing open-source CMS that gives you the freedom to do and manage content your way.

Oliver POS

Oliver POS offers a fully integrated WooCommerce point of sale system that’s simple, smart, adaptable and affordable.


Tevalis deliver award winning EPOS, Enterprise and Integrated technology solutions to the hospitality, leisure and gaming industries.


Smoothr levert state-of-the-art en aanpasbare software- en hardware solutions die de restaurantketens van vandaag uitrusten met de digitale besteltechnologie van morgen.


Data-driven Workforce Management tool that ensures managers plan correctly and reduce payroll costs. Prevent poor customer experience, lost sales and employee turnover.


Cashiering, Booking, Staffing and Analytics - Caspeco’s systems for the restaurant, hospitality and experience industry help you run more smoothly and increase profitability.