Let’s grow business together

Grow your business further thanks to Piggy's partner program. Choose one of the three programs or contact us directly.
  • Marketing partner
  • Sales partner
  • Tech Partner

Sales partner

Help your clients with a proven loyalty program and earn a Generous Commission for each referral. Piggy is the leading loyalty platform in the Netherlands, letting clients easily reward customers, collect useful data, and create effective marketing campaigns. It’s an entirely Unique Value Proposition and we will help you every step of the way with answers, resources, and support for anything you need - as well as an Agency Directory Listing.

Tech partner

Combine our businesses through integration and an Agency Directory Listing. Connect your eCommerce, checkout and payment systems in the Piggy Marketplace or use our API. Our experienced dev team will be on-hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. That way you can automate every step and ensure better customer experiences and Grow Your Client Base.

Marketing partner

Strengthen the marketing knowledge of our joint customers and Grow Your Client Base. With over 8,000 registered merchants in the Netherlands, Piggy has a huge client base and many of them of them seek additional help from our loyalty experts for marketing purposes. With an Agency Director Listing you can build your customer base and earn revenue by using your product design or marketing skills to help their business grow. We’ll also Co-create Marketing Activities such as client success stories, webinars, and guest blogs.