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Frequently asked questions

How do i change my email address?

Would you like to change the e-mail address to which your loyalty card is registered? Our Customer Success team will be happy to help you.

Please e-mail your old e-mail address, new e-mail address, and savings card number(s) to Without this information, we cannot process your request. 

Where can I see my balance?

Want to know what your balance is at your favorite companies? You can easily see this in two ways!

Via the Piggy App

Do you already have the Piggy app on your phone? Then your current point balance is visible per company under your savings card. This company is probably already on your list. If not, look it up under 'Find companies'.

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can do so via the Play/App Store by searching for Piggy Loyalty.

Via the website

On you can log in after verifying your e-mail address. You will then receive an email with an overview of the companies where you save. By selecting the appropriate company, you will be taken to the corresponding page; here your points are displayed.

Are you in the store and want to know your point balance right away? Then ask the entrepreneur, they can also see this for you!

How do I activate my card?

Have you started saving with a company or received a new loyalty card? Then you need to activate your card after your first transaction in order to save and redeem.

After your first savings transaction at the company in question, you will receive an e-mail containing an activation link. Follow the steps in the e-mail, and your loyalty card is activated!

My physical and digital cards have different codes. What now?

No worries! Each pass is unique and therefore has a unique code starting with 20.... or C...

You can save using multiple passes on one account, as long as all passes within your possession are registered to the same email address. 

How do I pair more cards to my account?

As a rule, you save points with your savings card. However, these are registered to your e-mail address.

So if you have multiple cards and they are linked to the same e-mail address, you automatically save with these cards on one account.

Do you have multiple passes registered to different e-mail addresses? Then it is important to have your e-mail address changed by our Customer Support team.

I can't find my loyalty card. What now?

Not to worry, here's what you can do:

You can request a new savings card by going to one of the businesses where you save points. They often have cards in stock, making it easy and quick to get your hands on a new one.

To transfer your points to the new card, make sure you register the savings card to the same e-mail address as your lost card.

Did you know that we also offer an app? Download it now from the Play/App-Store, log in with your account details, and always have your card handy in no time!

How does point collection and redemption work?

Using your physical loyalty card or the loyalty card from the Piggy app on your phone, you can save at the businesses you love.

Note: each business has its own savings program. Therefore, you save separately for each company. However, you do not need a separate card for each savings program - one works for all!

For privacy reasons, the store does always ask for your email address during your first visit.

You save in the store itself or via the webshop. For each current unit spent, points are added to your account.

The business decides for their customers what can be saved for and how many points are attributed or necessary for a reward. Once you have saved enough points, you can decide to redeem your points for a reward!

Where can I see the different programs I can join?

Searching for businesses is best done through the Piggy App. This can be downloaded from the Play/App store.

Search by company name or city name. A list of all businesses that match your search term will then appear. 

The business where I was saving has ceased their program. What can I do with my points?

It is always unfortunate when the store where you save stops their loyalty program.  How the business owner handles this is up to him or her.
Is this not entirely clear to you? Feel free to ask them!

Unfortunately, the credits you have saved cannot be transferred to another store, because you save per company.

How can I change my password?

For the Piggy app, you need a password. You can change your password via the Piggy app.

Press the button ''Forgot password?'' and go to the email address that is linked to your Piggy account. Go to the email sent from Piggy Support. Press the button ''Reset password'' and voila! You can log back into the app to view your loyalty points and loyalty history. 

I have a gift card or loyalty card that I can't redeem. What's going on?

Have you saved enough points and want to redeem a reward? Nice!

Sometimes this may not work. Then, in all probability, your savings card has not yet been activated.

After the first scan of your loyalty card, you will receive an e-mail containing an activation link. If you follow these steps, your loyalty card is activated.

I want to unsubscribe from all emails.

Piggy only sends a welcome email with practical information upon registration and possibly a new password upon request.

Don't want to receive the emails from the business where you save? Then click on the link at the bottom of those emails to unsubscribe.

I want to cancel or delete my account. What do I need to do?

Would you like to delete your account? Sorry to hear that you no longer want to save at your favorite businesses.

To remove your account, we would like to hear your request in writing at

Please note: it will no longer be possible to save with your current loyalty card or app.

Should you wish to collect points again in the future, you can activate a new loyalty card at one of the affiliated stores.