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To individualize your content, we use tools that personalize your web experience.

    Omni-Channel Solution

    Create branded digital and physical loyalty cards

    Strengthen your customer connection with loyalty cards and programs. Send tailored customer rewards, automate marketing campaigns, track customers and deliver online and offline giftcards - all from a single platform.

    Join the 10.000+ companies using Piggy

    Physical or digital cards

    Between in-app loyalty cards and physical keycards, you can make sure that loyalty is always at your customers' fingertips.

    No-code builder

    Build your program just how you want it from your own intuitive dashboard - no coding required.


    Save time with automated messaging and workflows - put your loyalty in autopilot.

    Loyalty Software

    Turn one-timers into life-long loyalty.

    Use our powerful software to construct a loyalty program tailored to you, all while tracking customer purchasing data. Send automated marketing messages across various channels and design campaigns in your drag-and-drop studio.

    Everything you need to grow your loyalty - all from one easy dashboard.

    75% of customers shop at those companies from which they can get reward points

    Loyalty program

    Reward customers with points, gift cards, coupons and more.

    Give customers more points to motivate them. Soon they won't be able to resist trying new products, spending more money, shopping more often, leaving a review or even recommend you to a friend.

    • Loyalty points

    • Gift cards

    • Perks

    • Gamification

    • Coupons

    • Experiences

    Check out our pricing now

    Our plans start from just 40€ per month.


    Drive the right behavior with tiers, rules & triggers.

    Use rewards, rules, and triggers to incentivize the right behavior. Think of rewards for loyalty card scans, app downloads, email opens, social media likes and more. Send rewards for special occasions like birthdays or loyalty anniversaries. Highlight events like Happy Hour or Black Friday with multipliers.


    Reward based on purchase frequency or order value.

    Reason to celebrate

    Send rewards for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries...


    Reward social media likes, newsletter opens or reviews.

    Loyalty rules

    Make things interesting - layer rules, incorporate multipliers and more.

    In our loyalty program, we introduced a lottery with prizes like trips to Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Japan.
    Jimmy ManManager Takumi Rotterdam


    Get to know your customers.

    Automatically collect customer purchasing data. Next? Use our integrated CRM tools to analyze trends, increase customer retention, and more. Learn more about customer preferences and trends - all the information you need to offer the perfect rewards.

    Personalized Marketing

    Never lose touch with your loyal customers.

    Send the most relevant messages about points statuses, current deals and more to your loyalty members. Use the data you've generated to catch customers at the right time, remind them of abandoned purchases and even treat them for their own special occasions. Loyalty has never been so connected.

    Get started now - your loyalty, your program, your cards.