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    Gift card software

    The free gift card software you were looking for.

    Use our flexible & free gift card software to create, promote, track and redeem on-brand gift cards. Drive revenue streams, both in-store and online.

    Join the 10,000+ companies using Piggy

    On-brand design

    Create your own design or utilize our in-house team.

    Built to scale

    Manage all your gift cards and settings in one place.  


    Sell and let customers redeem gift cards via any channel.

    “We use gift cards in combination with our reward program. It’s a really powerful way to increase loyalty and drive revenue.”
    Jorien KunstIzy Fashion


    Level up your gift card program.

    Our software allows you to design, scale and promote gift cards and campaigns — all from one dashboard. Easily make changes on the fly. 


    Create thousands of unique gift cards in just a few clicks.


    Set up expiration dates, limitations and redemption policies.


    Import and export gift card codes with quick bulk functionality.


    Choose the format that fits your needs.

    Launch digital or physical gift cards and decide how customers can receive them. It’s all up to you.

    • Email vouchers 

    • Secure QR-codes

    • Physical gift cards

    • Unique online codes 

    The gift card & loyalty software your business needs.

    Smart gift card solution for retail, hotels, restaurants, and wellness - from small to enterprise.
    Create on-brand gift cards and coupons in seconds.


    Send your gift cards with automatic delivery.

    With automatic delivery, you can rest assured that your gift cards will reach customers at the right time. Set up automatic triggers, like 10 dollar birthday top-ups for loyal customers. Make gift cards part of your marketing strategy.

    Any channel

    Choose your sending options such as email, newsletter, SMS, social media, and more.

    Automatic appreciation

    Send gift cards automatically on birthdays or special dates. 


    Schedule automatic reminders if customers forget to use gift cards on time.

    Marketing strategy

    Integrate them into your loyalty program or referral campaign.

    Website widget

    Secure your cashflow and sell within seconds via the widget.

    Generate extra revenue with your physical and digital gift cards. Sell gift cards via the fully customizable website widget and make it easier than ever to purchase an e coupon.

    Corporate design

    Easily adjust the widget to our branding and website design.

    Instant revenue

    Secure your cashflow and get money sent directly to your account.

    Integrated payment

    Link gift cards to your payment, eCommerce and POS systems.


    Manage giftcards across multiple locations.

    Our giftcards are franchise, enterprise and store chain ready.


    Manage your giftcard program with confidence.

    Track giftcard campaign performance with detailed analytics. Your business dashboard shows you:

    • Every card in circulation

    • Unredeemed amounts

    • Card values

    • Expiry dates

    • Cards issued per location

    • Cards redeemed per location

    Connect with all your systems.

    Seamless integrations with your favourite tools and systems — from eCommerce, to POS, to payment solutions. Automate any process and reduce your workload instantly.

    Drive your revenue now with effortless giftcard software.