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    Employee Loyalty Software

    Create a rewards & recognition program for your employees

    Motivate teams, retain your best employees, and create a culture everyone wants to be a part of. Build it yourself, fast and easy.

    The world's leading companies grow their loyal workforce with Piggy


    increase in employee happiness score


    more vacancy applications


    increase in employee engagement

    Celebrate achievements

    Keep your team happy and reduce turnover.

    An employee recognition software that’s designed to be effortless for both you and your employees. Celebrate targets, say thanks for achievements or send birthday gifts — all set up quickly on one platform.

    Since the start of last June we’ve had four times more applicants than before - need I say more?
    Max ClaushuisOwner Extra

    Reward anything

    Build a powerful culture and celebrate achievements.

    Our software means you can create your own custom rewards to motivate the behaviors you value most. Boost performance and retain your best talent with incentives and thank you’s. 

    Check out our pricing

    Plans start from just 40€ per month.

    Easy automation

    Win time with workflow automation.

    Put your program on autopilot with seamless workflows. Set smart triggers based on hours worked, projects finished — you name it. Rewards, points, badges, thank-you emails, they’ll all send themselves — you’ll hardly lift a finger.

    Seamless integrations

    We play well with others.

    Piggy integrates directly with your existing stack - from eCommerce to POS and HR-systems. Automate all your workflows and grow your business without the hassle.

    Reward loyal staff with bonus points, gift cards & more.

    Start a free trial or request a personal demo now.