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    Build a powerful loyalty program in weeks, not months.

    Give customers a reason to return. Set up rewards, automate your messages and send out promotions — all from one easy platform.

    Join the 10.000+ companies using Piggy

    No tech required

    Build your rewards program with ease
    — no tech required.

    Build it your way

    Flexible settings allow you to
    customize every detail. 

    Loyalty on autopilot

    Create automated messages and workflows to win more time.  

    Turn one-time visitors into lifelong customers.

    Use our all-in-one loyalty platform to build any type of loyalty program you want. Send out automated message across all channels and use tools to drive promotions. 

    Everything underneath one roof to drive repeat business, connect with your customers and grow your business. 


    Reward with points, giftcards, freebies and more.

    Award customers with rewards that motivate them to try new products, spend more, come back more often, leave a review or refer a friend. Everything is at your fingertips to gain more loyal customers.

    • Coupons

    • Giftcards

    • Badges

    • Points

    • Giveaways

    • Partner offers 

    • Experiences 

    Loyalty rules

    Reward customers for any type of activity.

    Pick any type of trigger to reward customers — think of transactions, store walk-ins, app downloads, QR-scans, email opens, birthdays, holidays, reviews, gamification and so much more. Use point rules like multipliers when you want to draw extra attention to events like Black Friday or Happy Hour. 


    Award purchase frequency or order value. 


    Send surprise points for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or other milestones.


    Reward newsletter subscriptions, clicks and reviews.

    Point rules

    Give away double or extra points for special occasions.


    Get a deep understanding of
    your customers.

    At its core, a loyalty program is a way to collect valuable data about your customers. Our built-in CRM allows you to bring together your customer, transactional and behavioral data. See how they behave on every channel — in-store, on your website and in-app — create a deep understanding of your customers and truly resonate with them.

    Loyalty Automation

    Engage with customers without lifting a finger.

    Your loyalty program flows seamlessly across all channels: email, in-app, SMS, in-store, online, wallet — anywhere you want. Build smart journeys to send personalized and automated messages, without lifting a finger. From point updates to digital rewards and promotions, meet the smartest marketing team you ever had.


    Get personal with
    every interaction.

    Leverage the power of segmentation and automation to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis. Create segments based on criteria — like purchases, spending averages, and email activity. Send personalized rewards and promotions to make every customer feel special. Your brand will be standing out in no time.

    Decrease churn

    See which customers
    are at risk.

    Use smart data to further understand customer behavior. See which customers are at risk and which ones aren't, all based on their activity. Then, build smart journeys that turn 'at risk' shoppers into ‘loyal fans’ — optimize the lifetime of every customer and keep them around.


    Challenge customers to reach the top levels.

    Sometimes points don’t do the trick. Use our software to create different member tiers — like bronze, silver and gold. Set up challenges, badges, stars and other fun gamifiers to make the whole customer experience truly unforgettable. Stay ahead of the game!


    Send special offers and promotions.

    Create giftcards and vouchers for your customers to win, share, top-up, spend directly or save for later. It’s a clever way to drive extra revenue. You can even use them to protect your cashflow by making them part of your refund program.


    See your performance
    at a glance.

    Get a bird's eye view of your loyalty program results. See who your most loyal fans are by looking at reward redemption, purchase behavior and what channels perform best. You’ll know your next moves to grow loyal customers even faster.


    Connect to all your current tools and systems.

    Piggy’s marketplace makes integrating with your current stack a breeze. Set it up once and your program will run automatically from there. No workload, no hassle and hit the ground running.  

    Start creating your loyalty program today!

    Join over 10,000+ companies already growing with Piggy.