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POS system for restaurants, bars and hotels.


Trivec has created a standard integration with us. The list below provides an overview of the functionalities and uses of this integration. 

POS Integration

  • Scan card or app: With a barcode scanner connected to your POS system, you quickly and easily scan loyalty member cards or apps.

  • Member creation: Create a new loyalty member profile using your POS system - add details such as birthday, first and last name and more attributes to create a complete profile.

  • Loyalty member profiles: Sync loyalty profiles with your POS system. Easily enter details such as email address, card number or customer ID to view members' details on your POS screen.

  • Forgotten card solution: Create a loyalty scan by entering a participant's email address on your POS system. Add points or allow participants to redeem rewards at your POS system without an external device.

Redeem points for rewards

  • Rewards List: Generate a participant-specific rewards list at your POS with (customer) details. Think point balance, participant data like purchase behavior and other valuable data. This will appear as soon as their card or app is scanned, or after a (purchase) action.

Giftcard integration through POS

  • Gift card scanning: Scan physical or digital gift cards using your POS system. Use this to top up gift cards or use them for payment. 

How to install.

The first step is to request the integration from your personal Trivec account manager to verify whether or not your system is suitable for the integration.


All you need from Piggy is an API key that you enter into the POS system. This API key can be easily created in the business dashboard.