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DIGI is leading supplier of POS-solutions in the food industry.


Digi made a standard integration with us. The list below details the functionalities and usages of this integration. 

POS Integration

  • Scanning card or app: With a barcode scanner connected to your POS system, quickly and easily scan member cards or apps.

  • Create member: Create a new member profile using your POS system - add in details such as birthday, first and last name, and more member attributes to make a complete profile.

  • Forgotten card solution: Create a loyalty scan by filling in a member's email address on your POS system. Add points or allow members to redeem rewards at your POS system without an external device.

Redeem points for rewards

  • Rewards list: Generate a member-specific rewards list on your POS with details such as the amount of points needed to redeem a given reward, along with member specific eligibility details and current member points. This will appear once their card or app is scanned, or an identifying detail is entered.

Giftcard integration through POS

  • Giftcard scanning: With integration, scan physical or digital giftcards using your POS system. Use this to either top up giftcards or use them for payment. 

How to install

The Digi integration is not usable for every Digi device. Therefore, the first step is to request the integration from your Digi account manager. If you run ‘Digi Fresh’ or a more comprehensive Digi version, you should be able to access the integration. Contact Digi here.

All you need from Piggy is an API key which you enter in the POS system. You can easily create this API key in the business dashboard. How? Just click here


Per device €5