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CashDesk has developed a highly intelligent unique system for food businesses.


Cashdesk made a standard integration with us. The list below details the functionalities and usages of this integration. 

eCommerce integration

  • Auto-generate profiles: With eCommerce integrations, you can automatically create a new member profile once the email address has been provided within the checkout process. You can also give the customers the choice between opting into a loyalty member account or continuing without one.

  • Click and save: Integrate your e-commerce system to allow your members to automatically save points after every purchase.

POS Integration

  • Tablet/Device Integration: Automatically send purchase amounts to the Piggy business app as they happen - go straight from your POS to scanning in Piggy business app without filling in the amount.

Giftcard integration through POS

  • Giftcard scanning: With integration, scan physical or digital giftcards using your POS system. Use this to either top up giftcards or use them for payment. 

How to install

The first step is to request the integration from Cashdesk. They will check to see if your POS is suitable for the integration. Start by contacting their support department.

All you need from Piggy is your API key which you enter in the POS system. You can easily create this API key in the business dashboard. How? Just click here