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Custom gift card software

A strategic gift card system.

Use dynamic gift cards as a strategic tool. Pull members in, nurture them, or simply celebrate special moments - all while maintaining full control over functionalities, design, and more.

Join the 10.000+ companies using Piggy

Mobile friendly

Streamline your gift card processes with 360 control.

Simply drag and drop your design of choice to create perfectly on-brand digital or physical gift cards, and include gift cards within marketing campaigns.

Your rules

Add rules to your gift cards like redemption rules or expiration dates, participating stores & more.

Perfect design

Hit the mark every time with drag & drop design for digital gift cards. Want physical cards? We've got that.

Swift integrations

Integrate with existing POS, eCommerce & other systems to make redemption or activation as simple as a quick scan.

Built in a few clicks

Simple steps to gift card greatness.

It's easy - create gift cards swiftly with drag and drop branding, include them in campaigns and

Drag & drop design - GC

A click away from on-brand digital & physical gift cards - just upload your design and we'll do the rest.

Rules & automations - GC

Take your gift card game up a notch by adding redemption rules & limits. Set up auto-send gift card campaigns for special occasions!

Performance tracking - GC

Iterate and improve with gift card analytics. Track gift card performance with statistics, transaction history, and more.

Omnichannel loyalty

Drive business results with strategic gift card processes.

Grow your business with gift card processes that just make sense. Generate in bulk, scale up at any time, and incorporate redemption rules. Plus, you can make them look great.

A strategic partner

Automate distribution for special occasions such as 100th purchase or birthdays.


Bulk generate gift cards with unique codes and ramp up your numbers easily with printing services.

Built to scale

Scaleable digital solutions & on-demand printing that you can scale up any time - just change your plan.

"Using the software is so simple. We can create a new gift card with a simple scan or click and track it the whole way."
Finja KloosterboerFashion Farm

Frictionless workflows

The perfect loyalty experience

Our gift cards just keep on giving. Your members can enjoy an omnichannel experience with fully functional gift cards and personalized messaging.

Omnichannel capabilities

Whether online or in-store, customers can use their gift card directly within your checkout process.


Easily automate gift card dissemination to ensure members always get personalized messages at the perfect time.

Gateway to loyalty

Automatically generate contacts via email delivery - draw upon gift card transaction data to guide your new prospect all the way to loyalty.

Step up your loyalty game.

Join over 10,000+ companies already growing with Piggy.