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How Sushito boosted business with loyalty

Sushito has opened 7 stores throughout the Netherlands since 2016. 
The great factor behind their growth? Customer loyalty. 
From old fashioned stamp cards to our Loyalty software, from analogue to digital, from no insights to valuable & useful data.


Steven den Heeten, Sushito co-owner, and his companion founded Sushito through their shared passion for good food as they noticed a new trend in America: the Sushi burrito & Poké bowl. Steven says: “The concept was very popular in the US and so we decided to bring it to Holland”, and not without success.
They now have several stores across Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Groningen - 5 of their own and 2 through a franchise formula. 
”Our ambitions don’t stop here, we want to open 25 franchise stores within the next 5 years.” Steven says.

Why Piggy?

Steven says “Because the business was growing and we didn’t gather any data with our old stamp card solution, we really needed a partner who could meet our needs. We needed the right software with all the tools for gathering customer data and targeting our loyal customers and other segments alike. 
In Piggy, we actually found all these components that could help us grow sustainably with loyalty.
 You can also set up different groups to target with your marketing really easily as well."

The program

Steven says: “Our rewards vary from free drinks to free Pokébowls, but you can also keep on saving for a giftcard to the value of 10 free Pokébowls, which belongs to the more expensive rewards.“
What we see the most is that customers cash out the free rolls & bowls, so they actually collect their rewards pretty early in the process, they're looking for a more instant gratification. Only a small group of customers wait until they’re able to cash out for our giftcards.”


In the first quarter of their loyalty program, Sushito recorded over 4,000 transactions with loyalty scans. With 120,000 points rewarded in the first quarter and over 20,000 of those redeemed, it's fair to say loyalty boosted business.
Steven concludes with: “As a company looking for a loyalty program, Piggy is a great partner to work with. We are very happy with the support and the Customer Success team. I would recommend Piggy to anyone."

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