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Loyalty · 

8 minutes

Our Custom App - your shortcut to loyalty

Willem MeijerPiggy

At Piggy, we’ve developed our Custom App - a white-label solution for you. You may have heard the term white-label solution or heard of white-label software products before. Maybe you know exactly what it is, maybe you have no idea. Just in case, we’ll give you a very brief explanation of where the term comes from.

The term white-label comes from the days when we didn't stream our music on Spotify, buy it on iTunes, download it on LimeWire (shhh…), or buy it on CD-ROM at the record shop. It comes from the classic long-playing record, aka the LP or Elpee. These vinyl records, before the marketing department and the printer got involved, had a round white label around the hole in the middle, which was thus still completely free to print for the personalization of the artist or band in question.

Now that we’re done with the brief history lesson, time for the software. At Piggy, our customers can use our Custom App, which you have probably already seen or downloaded. This is thanks to thousands of hours of work by our development team in the office - with a lot of fun, of course.


Developing your own software for your company or product with a mobile app can be a costly and time-consuming process. Fortunately for you, we’ve already done the hard work, so all that’s left for you is to incorporate your own style and branding. With our Custom App, you can then immediately start creating loyal customers and/or employees!

Now we have some background information and a reason why our white-label Custom App is so useful. What exactly is a white-label product or solution and what can it do for your business? Good question.

What is white-label software?

Simply put, a white-label software solution is developed by a third party, which you can completely customize to the needs and style of your own brand. You don't have to develop anything yourself, which is a godsend for many businesses. In addition, the developer of the software can also sell the software multiple times to different companies, which is a win-win.

The nice thing about a white-label solution is that it looks like it is your software because the brand name of the developer does not appear anywhere, which contributes to the reliability and professionalism of your brand.

A white-label solution, such as our Custom App, brings a number of great benefits to any company.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy branding

  • Time and money savings

  • Less risk & project management

  • Brand recognition

  • Improved customer engagement

  • Improved customer experience

Simple branding

Ready-made software like Piggy's Custom App gives you the chance to focus more on the branding and marketing of the product, rather than on the research and development aspects. Our loyalty software is already in place, all that’s left for you to do is personalize the app.

Personalizing the app to your company’s corporate identity is very important. After all, a (potential) customer does business with your company because they trust your company. When they use the app and end up in an environment with completely different branding to yours, it can get in the way of the customer experience.

Plus, you'll have heaps of time left over for other important things. Let’s take a look at what they might be.

Saving time and money

Product development is time-consuming for any company. Setting up a separate team to develop and test your software also costs a lot of money. Building software can take months, which equates to time and money that the average business owner often does not have. The Custom App gives you the opportunity to bypass these expenses and unnecessarily wasted time, allowing you to focus on the essentials rather than the peripheral issues.

In addition, you don't have to worry about developing and implementing updates to the software, as we do this for you.

Accelerate your business growth and chop your administrative and development workload. In a very short time, you will have a ready-to-use app, saving you time that you can use to prep for a successful future.

Less risk

Risk. An aspect you want to eliminate at all costs. A huge advantage of our Custom App is that the software has been tested extensively before it carries your brand or product name. After all, our development team have put a lot of time into ironing out any problems or hindrances to your customer experience - the same reason we have a team of developers and customer success specialists here to help at all times.

In short, there are no risks to your business or brand name, and troubleshooting is completely taken out of your hands. No wasted time, no expensive development drama.

Brand awareness

Because white-label loyalty puts your brand at center stage, it gives you more exposure. Your app will act as an extra touchpoint for your customers (yes, even that app icon on your phone with your brand name is a nice but especially important extra touchpoint and makes searching easier).

All this adds to the trust in your brand or product and its performance. Let your customers know that you don’t cut any corners. Besides, what brand doesn't have its own app nowadays?

Happy and satisfied customers

When the user experience is as good as it is with our Custom App, users will develop more positive associations with your brand or product. Happy and satisfied customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are golden - and more likely to buy other services or products from your brand.

Satisfied customers can easily become ambassadors of your brand. When asked for advice, they are more likely to recommend your brand or product to friends, acquaintances, and family. With optimal customer satisfaction, the chances of word-to-mouth advertising are thus high, which in turn relates back to the previous point of brand awareness.


We hope this helped you to get a foundation in the ins and outs of our newest development - and its many benefits. After all, as a busy entrepreneur, it saves you a lot of time and money, is easy to brand, and takes the risk out of your hands.

Not to mention increased brand awareness and helping you to create even more happy customers. But on top of that, of course, our Custom App is also completely in line with the rest of our loyalty software, making it easy to work with.

Have we piqued your interest with this article? Luckily for you, our Custom App software is ready and waiting to be used. Simply download, configure the app to suit your branding and imagery, and watch the loyalty roll in.

Read how to set up the app for your business here!

Do you have any suggestions for features in our Custom App, are you missing something or do you think something could be better? Let us know and we can work together to make our app the best user experience possible.

If you want some more useful tips, we’ve included a few extras below to help you on your way.

The first step to personalizing your Custom App: upload your own logo. This allows your users to immediately see that it's your app. It acts as a landmark and makes it easy to find your app in their phone.

Also, the fact that your app is installed with your customers on their phones means that you are just one click away from them, and let proximity be one of the cornerstones of loyalty. Use those push notifications wisely!

Come up with a catchy name

Of course, you can just use your company name for the name of your Custom App. It’s logical and absolutely foolproof. Still, we wanted to give you the freedom to come up with some creative ideas. So if you have a nice variation on your company name or an existing term that your customers already use, you can use it for your Custom App!

Promote your app

Your app is ready to use. Now it's time to promote the app to your existing and potential members. Use your social media! Many companies are already active with content about new products and services or behind-the-scenes posts.

So, why not use these channels immediately to promote your custom loyalty program as well? Don't use social media for your business? Try promoting your program through your newsletter, this way you will effectively reach your target audience. After all, they have signed up for your newsletter, so they are open to these promotions.

Otherwise, check out our blog on promoting your custom loyalty program for even more tips.

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