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How YB makes the world a better place with loyalty

YB is a purpose-driven company. Making delicious food while having a positive impact on the earth with everything they do - that’s what YB stands for. In order to make that impact, loyalty was essential.

YB (née Yoghurt Barn)

YB has engaged customers to a new level with its loyalty program, recording over 1,000 loyalty transactions in their first 3 months. The secret? Purpose-driven loyalty.

YB started in 2012 as Yoghurt Barn, a concept based solely on yoghurt. As YB grew, so did its product range and the number of locations. Nowadays, YB has 12 different locations and offers an assortment of plant based products beyond just yoghurt - think hot chocolate, smoothies, pastries, salads & sandwiches.

Mission & vision

Debora says: “It's really important for us to make delicious products, that's our main focus of course. A core part of that is having a positive impact on our earth with everything we do. So that's also our mission - good food with great impacts.”

It’s no surprise that the pillars since the very beginning of YB have been ‘people’, ‘animals’ & ‘planet’. These values continue to guide everything YB is about.

White label

Debora says: “The software has so many options, it has really evolved in the last couple of years. In addition to the loyalty program, you also have the opportunity to use your data to reach out to your guests. For example, the email marketing feature is something we use a lot and that's a really important part of the software for us. It's also great that the software is white label so we have our own app, without seeing the logo of Piggy anywhere.”

Loyalty program

The rewards vary in value from 50-1250 points, from a coffee to a high tea for 3 persons. Debora adds: "You can use your points for everything, even to plant trees to reduce your carbon footprint. We had 7,500 transactions in the last year and we gave away almost 90,000 points. This equals almost €80,000 in purchase amount. People redeemed almost a third of these points for rewards but are also actively saving more points for a larger reward later on.”

Besides running a loyalty program, YB also offers gift cards through their website widget. They go from €25 till whatever amount you want to buy.

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