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How Takumi leveled up their loyalty in just a few months

Throughout the 15 years since Takumi was established, loyalty has become an increasingly important factor. Their old stamp card system wasn't cutting it, so it was time to go data-driven. With Piggy's software, they succeeded.


Takumi started in 2007 with their first restaurant in Düsseldorf. From that moment it has spread their Ramen wings to Vienna, München, Berlin, Rotterdam and Barcelona and till this point they're still expanding and currently have almost 50 restaurants worldwide.

Manager of Takumi Rotterdam Jimmy Tan says: "With Takumi we would like to convey the Japanese atmosphere to the guests, but also the convenience and quality of the food. Great food at an affordable price."


Takumi wanted to give something back to their loyal guests. Jimmy explains "We have been around for 15 years now and this was the way we wanted to get closer to our guests. We wanted to establish and maintain the connection a bit more."

A few years after starting their own loyalty program with stamp cards Takumi decided to digitize and expand the loyalty program for more opportunities to interact with guests and gather customer data. And that's where Takumi found Piggy the best provider of digital loyalty programs to meet their needs.

The program

The rewards in Takumi's loyalty program vary from online items to ice cream or chicken dishes, with a trip to Japan sitting at the peak of their reward pyramid. Not bad, eh?
“Once a quarter, we change the rewards", Jimmy adds. On how Takumi promotes the program, he says: "We promote the program a lot locally with flyers and tent cards in the restaurants themselves, we also promote a lot through social media and the newsletter."


As a result, the total number of points given away is over 2.2 million. More than 200,000 points have been redeemed for rewards with a total of 45,000 loyalty transactions.
After Takumi had started its loyalty program, in their first six months they've had 27.000 loyalty transactions and awarded more than 1,300,000 points with a purchase value of more than €1,200,000.

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