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Sushito uses Loyalty as one of the most important tools to grow their business.

Sushito has opened 7 stores throughout the Netherlands since 2016. 
The great factor behind their growth? Customer loyalty. 
From old fashioned stamp cards to our Loyalty software, from analogue to digital, from no insights to valuable & useful data.


loyalty transactions in first quarter


points rewarded in first quarter


points redeemed in first quarter


Sushito was founded by Sven & Steven, two highschool friends who wanted to start a business for themselves. They founded their business through their shared passion for good food as they noticed a new trend in America: the Sushi burrito & Poké bowl. Steven says: “The concept was very popular in the US and so we decided to bring it to Holland”, and not without success. Sven had just finished studying and Steven quit his job in real estate to start working full time in their first Sushito store. After half a year, they already opened a second store and after almost 6 years they now have 7 stores across Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Groningen - 5 of their own and 2 through a franchise formula.
”Our ambitions don’t stop here, we want to open 25 franchise stores within the next 5 years”, Steven says. 

“We have created the Sushito Family to create a loyal customer base through our Loyalty program in which we reward them for their restaurant visits and online orders.”
Steven den HeetenCo-owner Sushito

Why Loyalty?

“I think loyalty is important for a sustainable relationship with your customers. You can have some aggressive marketing with discounts and half prices but that’s for the short term. 
Perhaps a lot of people won’t return as soon as you stop with these promotions, and returning customers are obviously what you want to create” says Steven. 
He continues: ”That’s why we’ve created the Sushito Family. This way, we’ve created a loyal customer base through a loyalty program that allows us to reward regularly after visits to our restaurants or after making online orders . And, obviously, besides that our high quality food keeps them loyal ;)”

“We wanted to make things easier with a digital loyalty program instead of our physical stamp cards, while simultaneously gather data from the customers.”
Steven den HeetenCo-owner Sushito

Loyalty Solution

When asked about how Sushito started with Piggy’s software for their loyalty program, Steven says: “Because the business was growing and we didn’t gather any data with our old stamp card solution, we really needed a partner who could meet our needs. We needed the right software with all the tools for gathering customer data and targeting our loyal customers and other segments alike. 
In Piggy we actually found all these components that could help us grow through loyalty.
 Steven continues: “As part of our Piggy solution, we have branded keycards & giftcards. Our whole back office is now personalized in our style and organized in a way that works best for us. In general I think the interface is very easy and user friendly. You can also set up different groups to target with your marketing really easily as well.”

“I think the interface is very easy and user friendly, you can set up different groups to target with your marketing really easy as well.”
Steven den HeetenCo-owner Sushito

The program

Steven says: “Our rewards vary from free drinks to free Pokébowls, but you can also keep on saving for a giftcard to the value of 10 free Pokébowls, which belongs to the more expensive rewards.“
He continues: “So we have rewards for the more instant gratification and rewards for the longer term with a higher value. What we see the most is that customers cash out the free rolls & bowls, so they actually collect their rewards pretty early in the process. Only a small group of customers wait until they’re able to cash out for our giftcards.”
When asked about the ways of promoting the program, Steven says: “We always ask our customers at the counter if they already participate in the Sushito loyalty program as a first trigger. Besides that of course, we have our social media accounts. A great example is that, not too long ago, we had a big promotion through Instagram to sign up for our loyalty program and, at the end of the month, we picked one person who won a year of Sushito for free. That promo was actually very fun to do.


“When we started with the program, we didn’t start with the marketing right away. However, we had a big increase in participation in the first month already but after that we started to see a dip. At this point, we said it was time to focus on the marketing features of the program. After doing so, we saw a huge boost in participation again”, Steven says.
 He adds: ”Right now we have approximately 3,800 members in our program and what we’ve seen is that they have saved 160,000 points on aggregate in the past 12 months, but also have spent 100,000 points. So, our members are quite active in both saving and redeeming their points.”
Steven concludes with: “As a company looking for a loyalty program, Piggy is a great partner to work with. We are very happy with the support, the Customer Success team always helps out with all the questions we have right away, the software works great and we’re delighted with the results. So yes, I would recommend Piggy to anyone.”

Ready to build a powerful loyalty program?