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't Stoepje Case

How 't Stoepje fuels the oven with loyalty.

With 't Stoepje's 115 franchisees, flexibility & ease of use were key when it came to their loyalty software. Take a look at how they use their loyalty program to deliver a personal touch to over 1,000 markets across the Netherlands.

The numbers are worth mentioning: 44,000 monthly loyalty transactions, with 1.5 million points rewarded and 150,000 redeemed. Not bad, eh?

't Stoepje were able to quickly and easily roll out their loyalty program to their 115+ franchisees, but they didn't just keep it simple: “We have gone for a big variation in our rewards because we want to appeal to a large target group to shop at our bakery. Also, many rewards are replaced several times a year and others remain available for longer because they require some saving. This also allows us to introduce a Summer and Winter reward collection.”

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