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Customers become part of the Beppe Familia.


At Pizza Beppe, you don't just eat authentic Neapolitan pizzas that always leave you wanting seconds. The loyalty program also allows guests to save for great rewards.

At Pizza Beppe, you don't just eat authentic Neapolitan pizzas that will make you lick your fingers. The loyalty program also allows guests to save for great rewards: from a free cup of coffee to meals and a true pizza course in Naples. Since starting the program, Beppe has seen guests come back much more frequently. And with Piggy's easy loyalty software, the program was built in no time.

Pizza Beppe

After years at the helm of G-Star, Laurens Leeuwis and Patrick Kraaijeveld opened the doors of the first Pizza Beppe location in 2019. Beppe is now spreading like wildfire, with 7 locations across Amsterdam, Utrecht and Breukelen. But these entrepreneurs are far from finished. "We're writing the book while we're at it, but as a dot on the horizon, we want to expand to 15 of our own locations within a few years and also connect 30 franchise partners who will further grow our formula under the Beppe banner," says co-owner Laurens Leeuwis.

The secret recipe? "We bring the authentic Neapolitan pizza to the Netherlands. As the first Dutch restaurant to ever receive the accolade, Beppe was accepted by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the hallmark for the real Neapolitan pizza," Laurens explains. All pizzas on the menu follow original recipes passed down from generation to generation. Beppe also sources all ingredients locally from the Naples region. Unlike its Romani counterpart, you recognize this pizza by its bread-like texture.

"You recognize a Beppe's pizza by its bread-like texture. Officially, you're supposed to tear this pizza by hand and eat it folded in half."


In addition to a distinctive cuisine, the team also pays close attention to a recognizable "Beppe feel" at each location. A casual less-is-more style with checkered tiles, wooden chairs and special vintage posters on the wall. "We want to build a strong brand," Laurens continues. "We really focus on family, from young to old. From grandpas and grandmas with their grandkids to couples and students, everyone feels at home."

Like no other, the people at Pizza Beppe know that a strong brand can't do without a loyalty program. "From our background at G-star, we know that you have to do something for your fan base, your returning customers. You also have to give people a reason to return and reward them for visiting your restaurant. That's why a loyalty program was on our roadmap from the start."

"Giving your people a reason to return and rewarding them for visiting your restaurant."


"We initially wanted to build our own loyalty system, but quickly found out that in addition to high costs, this would require a lot of maintenance. Our philosophy is precisely to automate as much as possible, with as little back office or ICT maintenance as possible. This way, we keep the team small, but we make big strides."

Eventually Beppe's team came into contact with Piggy. "Piggy is a great solution for us, because they offer a fully integrated loyalty system. With its many features and capabilities, it completely fits our needs. Also, the process ran smoothly and the lines at Piggy are short - we like that. We therefore also had our gift cards made through Piggy."

"Piggy is a great solution for us because they offer a fully integrated system. With so many features, it completely fits our needs."


'Become a member of the Beppe Familia' is written on every pizza box, menu and even on the sweaters and T-shirts worn by the staff. Using a handy QR code, anyone can download the app and immediately participate in the program. Together with marketing partner Fully Bookers, Beppe developed various expressions to get guests to join as quickly as possible. "You have to market something like this proactively. Everyone who works for us is trained to explain in half a minute what the loyalty program entails and what guests can save for. In fact, that's reason enough for almost everyone to download the app."

At Beppe, customers choose what to redeem their points for. "That starts small, with a free cup of coffee or a homemade tiramisu and runs up to a pizza or whole meal. We've also looked into collaborations. So, you can buy a Veloretti bike at fifty percent off, or save for a beautiful pink Beppe Fatboy. And the ultimate savings goal, but then you really have to eat pizza for a few years, is a trip to Naples. There, the lucky one will receive training from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana."


With the loyalty program, Pizza Beppe ensures that guests are more loyal to their restaurants. "People like surprises and always like to save for things. With this program, guests are more likely to eat at your place than at their neighbour's anyway. You're building a stronger brand preference."

According to Laurens, the promotion of the program is the key to its success. "If you make it clear to people what the benefits are, actually everyone thinks it's a lot of fun to participate in the savings. I think about 9 out of 10 guests participate. We haven't been operating for very long, but we are already seeing that people are coming back more often. In addition, of course, you build a customer database, so that we can stay in touch with our guests even more easily."

And so the Beppe Familia continues to expand.