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How FashionFarm rewarded over 1 million points with a loyalty program as unique as their brand

At FashionFarm in Bathmen, customer loyalty is key. "We'd rather you go home empty-handed than with a full bag of clothes that you're not happy with in the end. People appreciate that too."
FashionFarm wanted to strengthen this loyalty even further by setting up their own loyalty program with Piggy - they succeeded.


Fashion Farm is a Bathmen-based clothing store founded in 2011 by Sandra Brouwer. As a counterpoint to high end fashion, FashionFarm was created. "Sandra wanted to show that, for €100, you can also look stunning", Finja says.

The entire store consists of 2nd hand items from all sorts of marketplaces, gathered together. Finja adds: "It’s subsequently very accessible but remains a customer-centric, tidy store where everything is neat, well cared for and of good quality. All for an acceptable price."


Finja explains, "Loyalty is essential for our customer retention. We wanted to treat our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves. For us, that means of course giving extensive, attentive fashion advice but also offering a listening ear. It also means rewarding and stimulating customers who make a successful purchase and leave our store happy, so that they also come back happy."


About Piggy as their loyalty solution, Finja says: "In addition to the experience and service we offer them at the Fashion Farm, we wanted to give them something extra as an incentive to come back. Our loyalty program is perfect for that."
Finja continues: "You could say that we wanted to create a higher retention rate among our customers - we have succeeded in doing so in recent years thanks to our loyalty program."


Fashion Farm took their loyalty from zero to hero with rewards and promotional tools! Their store in Bathmen now has almost 2,000 loyalty members & counting, with customer retention at higher levels than ever.

"The software is so flexible and easy to use. What's really handy, for example, is that you can add aspects like a footer for all your channels in emails. It's full of nice touches like that. 
Since using Piggy, we've rewarded over 900,000 points and 295,000 have been redeemed for rewards, and that's with over 1,800 loyalty members."

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