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Simple but sleek at the same time. Why Branderij Joost chose Piggy.

Branderij Joost wanted to have a loyalty program that was easy to use for both its customers and employees. To gather data from customers, it needed to be digital and enable communication-centric. Piggy could cover all of their needs. Read on for the full story of how Branderij Joost uses our software.

Branderij Joost

Branderij Joost is a specialty chain that sells nuts of the highest quality from all over the world. Branderij Joost was founded in 2017 by Harald Weitering and Onno van Griethuizen. Ever since, they’ve opened 12 stores throughout the Netherlands and are running a successful webshop.

Why loyalty?

To this question, Harald answers: “As an entrepreneur, you obviously want your customers to return after their first purchase. Not only because they love your products, but also because you can keep them engaged by communicating with them and offering them something special. The latter two aspects come together perfectly in Piggy’s white label software.”

Loyalty solution

When asked why they opted for Piggy, Harald says: “We were looking at various loyalty programs, but in the end we chose Piggy because it has a very good, technical foundation. It’s online, easy to use, and we get a lot of data from it. One of the important things for us was reaching our customers, and Piggy enables that with their email marketing tool.”

Another feature Harald mentions is branding his program and app in Branderij Joost style, giving it more of a personal touch for his customers.

The program

Branderij Joost offers rewards such as bowls, resealable trays, coffee beans, and gift cards, among others. These rewards range from 100 points to 300 points in value.

In the three years since Branderij Joost started their loyalty program, they have awarded over 6.5 million points across more than 500,000 transactions. About half of the points have been redeemed by customers against rewards.

”In our email marketing tool, we have around 40,000 recipients that we can reach with our campaigns, and it’s very effective because the open ratio is very high”, Harald adds.

Ready to build a powerful loyalty program?

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