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To individualize your content, we use tools that personalize your web experience.

Build better relationships, on autopilot.

Make every interaction within your loyalty program feel personal with automations. You can build journey’s, automate your messages and drive loyalty like never before. 

Join the 10.000+ companies using Piggy

Your cockpit for building personalized loyalty automation.

Personalization is the holy grail for loyalty programs. With Piggy you can build journeys that send personal messages and rewards at exactly the right time. Based on a set of rules and data, you can trigger any action or workflow you want to automate. 

Save time, while driving loyalty and repeat purchase. 

Journey automation

Hit the bulls eye with every message.

Say bye bye to manual work. Use the journey builder to schedule personal messages that are timed perfectly. Think of discount codes on birthdays, SMS messages with point updates, freebies for top spenders, emails to welcome a newly joined loyalty member - or any other event trigger. 

Smart rewards

Harness the power of personal incentives.

Go beyond discount culture and offer members a wide range of rewards that are tailored to their behavior or interests. Use custom attributes to target various segments with specific rewards that you send automatically. Vouchers, gift cards, freebies, or experiences - you can set any type of reward you want.


Create different journeys for every segment.

Build smart flows for each segment to improve one-to-one communication. Create segments based on criteria — like milestones, purchase behavior, email activity, age, gender and more. Set it up with ease and optimize along the way. 

Positive flow

Bring ‘at risk’ members to an ‘engaged’ flow.

Use smart data to further understand member behavior. See which members are engaged in your program and which ones aren't, all based on their activity. Then, build smart journeys that turn 'at risk' members into ‘engaged flow’ to keep them around. 

"The convenient thing about Piggy is that we also collect e-mail addresses and data directly from all our customers using loyalty cards to collect points."
Jorien KunstIzy Fashion


Connect the offline to the online world.

Capture real-time data events from both offline and online touch points like web, mobile or in-store and trigger actions. Send extra points to customers who purchase in-store, reward for email clicks and more. 

Smart promotions

Make promotions part of your loyalty journey.

Use giftcards and coupons as part of a bigger plan to reduce churn and increase cashflow during slow times. Think of SMS message with voucher codes after a bad review, or giftcards instead of refunds to protect your cashflow. 

Create workflows

Reduce your workload and never forget a thing.

Automate manual routine tasks by connecting Piggy to your current systems, tools and data. Think of emails when the stocks of your rewards are low by connecting it to your fulfilment software, celebrate employee anniversaries with a HR connection -- or any other system you want to connect. 

Ready to put your loyalty strategy on autopilot?