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5 reasons why your website needs a Widget

Rens NitertPiggy

As more and more businesses start offering their products and services online, customers have more choice than ever before.

That means you need to use every tool at your disposal to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website, and making it as easy as possible to make a sale. 

One of the most effective ways to do that is to add what’s known as a widget. A small pop-up window that users can click on, letting them perform actions quickly and easily.

When combined with an active loyalty program, or digital giftcard program, Widgets really begin to provide spectacular results. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding a Widget to your website: 


1. Build your mailing list 

Having a solid list of email addresses is one of the strongest marketing assets any business can have these days.

Unlike social media, you don’t have to pay extra just to reach your own contacts and followers. Instead, you can send them personalised messages and directly measure generated revenue of each marketing campaign, to let you know how successful different types of messaging or campaigns are.

One of the problems a lot of companies have is that you don’t want to ask for viewers email addresses. You want to let them look around for a while first, then ask for their email address.

A Widget solves this problem by giving the user an opportunity to sign up to your mailing list at any time, simply by adding their email address. And because it’s part of the Widget, it’s unobtrusive, and helps make the user feel like they are in complete control. 


2. Better communication

When visitors land on your site, the first thing they do is an information search. Scanning the site quickly to make sure you’re offering the kind of products and services they’re looking for.

As the visitor absorbs information, questions start forming in their mind. I wonder if they have my size? Does that item come in black? Will they deliver to my address?

A Widget with a ‘Contact’ button gives them a chance to ask these questions quickly and simply without stopping their shopping. They can simply type their question into the Widget, click send, and continue where they left off. In more sophisticated Widget’s there is also a section for adding text and an image, helping you inform visitors about sales, news or product updates.


3. Display your loyalty rewards online

Loyalty programs are usually tools for increasing customer retention - but by displaying your rewards on a Widget, you can also use your loyalty program for customer acquisition.

By displaying your regards to visitors, it acts as an incentive for the visitor to not only purchase from you, but also join your loyalty program so they can collect points and redeem them for rewards. The most sophisticated widgets also allow users to register for your loyalty program through the Widget.

For existing loyalty program members, this device acts the same way, but users can also login in to their account directly from the Widget, view progress towards earning various rewards and even claim rewards - helping you build a stronger relationship with your customers. 


4. Sell giftcards direct from your website

As more and more customers realise how easy they are to purchase, digital giftcards are quickly becoming a major revenue stream for online retailers.

However in the past, that meant redirecting customers to a digital giftcard site, which meant potentially undoing all the hard work of getting the visitors to your site in the first place.

With a Widget, it’s now possible to sell digital giftcards direct to visitors, without them having to leave your site. 

The Widget gives customers the ability to select an amount, a recipient, pay and then have the giftcard delivered - all while remaining on your website. 

5. Easy installation

Getting a Widget up and running on your site couldn’t be easier. 

All it requires is a single line of code to be placed into your existing website code and you’re ready to go. It’s a simple 5-minute job for any coder or developer, or if you’re using established website builders like Wordpress, Shopify, Lightspeed or Wix, you can install with a Widget with no coding knowledge at all.



A Widget offers a range of functionality and utility to any webshop or website. And when combined with a loyalty program, it becomes even more valuable.

At Piggy, we offer a free Widget to every company that signs up for a loyalty, marketing or giftcard program. You can discover more by clicking here to start a free account.

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