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Shopify Loyalty Plugin: Rewards, Custom App, Marketing & more

Cormac O'SullivanPiggy

Attracting and retaining loyal customers is something every business strives for. However, in today's climate, earning customer loyalty has become more complex than ever before. Customers have come to expect exponentially more than they did even five years ago, and meeting those expectations depends on a concoction of manpower and business tools.

Did you know that 75% of customers favor companies that provide rewards? And that customers who feel an emotional connection towards your brand have a 300% higher customer lifetime value? Looking at it that way, it seems obvious that focusing on loyalty programs and rewards within your customer experience is the way forward.

Customer Loyalty in eCommerce

Customer loyalty is an elusive feat for most companies. Regardless of how you approach loyalty, there's no denying that it ultimately stems from customer experience. Likewise, there's little denying that customer experience is much more difficult to perfect in an online setting. With that being said, there is an advantage to online customer experience management - it's much easier to standardize than in-person experiences.

Unfortunately, standard isn't good enough when it comes to generating repeat purchases, so something has to change. As a vendor on Shopify, you're relatively limited in terms of what you can do to differentiate from competitors - other than your product, of course. This means employing tools to enhance your customer experience.

Our Shopify Integration

We've developed an integration with Shopify that allows you to take center stage. Not only is our integration useful from a technical and administrative perspective, but it also enhances your customer experience by streamlining existing processes and giving your customers something to always look forward to.

Our software comes completely white-label, allowing you to stand out from the crowd even when you're using third-party platforms. You can also start off with a free plan to explore the platform. Not only this, but you get your own custom app with a subscription, which gives you an everlasting touchpoint with customers once you've got them hooked - loyalty never felt so easy.

The Features


With our Shopify integration, your customers can click and save in no time. Your program can be completely integrated into your Shopify store, giving you a seamless customer experience. You can make things as elaborate or as simple as you'd like here, with basic loyalty points for your rewards, or a more elaborate system with loyalty tiers and levels.

A great idea in the e-commerce market is to offer rewards such as free shipping - everyone's a sucker for that. You don't have to stick to your product base when it comes to rewards, so don't be afraid of incorporating things like exclusive access or other loyalty member perks.

Auto-generated profiles

With our Shopify integration, you can automatically generate loyalty member profiles or contacts. Once the email address or any other unique identifier has been submitted during the checkout process, you can automatically turn that into a member profile that you can tailor your experience for, with targeted marketing, customized rewards & loyalty member insights.


Your loyalty, your rules. That's why we created a 'rules' module that gives you the power to bring your Shopify loyalty experience to the next level. In the most basic sense, you can use loyalty rules to make sure your rewards program functions as intended. Ensure you have basic redemption and collection rules, along with clear instructions as per the value of a point and what's required to earn one. However, on the other hand, you can use rules to spice things up for your customer base. Think about rules like point multipliers, happy hours, or online-only deals. If you're a multichannel vendor, look into creating rules or initiatives that will promote your Shopify store.

Custom App

When you subscribe to our software, you get your own custom loyalty app. Not just a Shopify loyalty app or a Shopify rewards app, but an app that is entirely dedicated to your brand and business - online or offline, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar. This app is an ever-lasting touchpoint between you and your loyalty members that you can use to drive loyalty. Simply drag and drop your branding or desired designs to polish off your on-brand loyalty app.

Your program is completely integrated with your loyalty program, so any updates made in your dashboard will be automatically configured through the app. Not to mention, your existing customers will always be up to speed on your latest rewards and campaigns.

Customer Accounts & Data

When you automatically generate member accounts, they don't just sit there. Every scan, click or interaction is a data point that enriches your customer database. This means that you can review, analyze and model your customer data to turn it into actionable insights on customer preferences and purchasing patterns. Build automated journeys that trigger based on customer actions, with actions based on the context and customer preferences. Customized campaigns, rewards & more have never been so easy.

Automation & Marketing

Every customer has a different journey and you can't be in two places at once. With automation, you can put your loyalty on autopilot. With our marketing automation and customer insight tools, you can also automatically and dynamically include rewards, coupons, gift cards, and more in email or SMS campaigns. This means that you never miss a beat when it's customers' birthdays or loyalty anniversaries, but it also gives you the power to bring lapsing customers back with triggered win-back campaigns. Perfect for customer retention or simply rewarding your customers.


Take your customer experience up a level with gamification. Use different aspects such as tiers, loyalty levels, badges, challenges & more to increase member engagement. Think about simple but effective ideas, like giving your loyalty program 3 levels. Go even further and incorporate rules into your gamification to create challenges or time-sensitive rewards for customers.


We didn't just stop at Shopify. Our extensive range of integrations means that your workflows are seamless regardless of the channel. Integrate your program with your e-commerce vendor, embed widgets on your website, and integrate with your existing POS systems for your in-store channel. Build in your existing tools to iron any creases out of your customer experience.

Gift Cards

With a loyalty subscription, you also have access to on-brand digital and physical gift cards. Digital gift cards can be included within campaigns, emails, or directly within your customers loyalty app or digital wallet. You can use your physical gift cards for your in-store locations, or simply send them to your customers within packages. Trigger gift card dissemination using customer actions or attributes, such as birthdays or point milestones to make sure customers always are always rewarded at the right time.

Your All-in-One Solution

Looking to build customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases? We've got you covered. Sign up or request a demo to get started with your custom program today. Beyond your custom app, use rewards to drive repeat purchases, marketing tools to nurture relationships, gamification and rules to drive engagement - you name it. Select a plan that's tailored to your needs, meaning that you never pay more than you need to.

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