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WooCommerce Loyalty Plugin: Points, Rewards & Marketing

Cormac O'SullivanPiggy

Within the world of e-commerce, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors. Customer loyalty is more elusive in e-commerce than anywhere else, and providing a stand-out experience can be difficult when you're using a third-party vendor portal. A great step towards bringing your customer experience to the next level is by implementing a WooCommerce loyalty program or rewards program that's completely unique to both your company and your customers.

What does this mean? This means creating an on-brand program that can run completely integrated with your e-commerce store. Take a look at what you can do with our WooCommerce loyalty plugin to treat customers with points and rewards within your WooCommerce store.

Customer Loyalty in eCommerce

The landscape of customer loyalty is often changed once the buyer journey moves online. More options become readily available to consumers, and differentiating yourself from competitors also becomes more difficult in the context of online shopping. So, what's the solution? The solution is to craft a customer experience and to keep it as constant as possible when the switch from offline to online eventually happens. Customers are very often geared by habit, so adding in a more concrete reason for them to choose you a second time should be easy once they've chosen you once.

Creating an experience is not about confetti popping in their face or customizing everything for them. Creating an experience can be something that's completely focused on your brand rather than the consumer, or it could be created through focusing on neither your brand or the consumer, and rather on a different

Point Collection & Redemption

Once you've integrated your program with your store, collecting points and redeeming them can all be done directly within your WooCommerce store. Customers will be able to collect points directly within the WooCommerce shopping process, and redeeming points will be as easy as ever with integration into the payment process.

Custom Rewards

You don't just create WooCommerce points and rewards with our integration. You simply create rewards for your brand or store that are also usable on WooCommerce. Create the exact rewards you want within your dashboards - no limits. You can create rewards that are more customized to certain customer segments, or create generic rewards that are more likely to attract the masses. It's always best to have a combination of rewards that are both high and low value, some more niche and others more generic. Whatever rewards you choose, implement your own twist with custom branding and easily implemented design tools.


Create your own custom loyalty rules within your dashboard to create the exact experience you want. Your rules will start basic, such as how much a point is worth, what's required for point collection or point redemption, and what products can be purchased with points or rewards. You can also incorporate more sophisticated rules and assign points to certain customer actions, or incorporate rules such as point multipliers for customer birthdays, or allocate points for a referral program. Track referrals and reward them using forms or custom attribute features!

Customer Accounts & Data

Customer accounts can be automatically generated within your loyalty program when the customers have accounts within WooCommerce. Customer emails can be used as unique identifiers, meaning that you can start collecting valuable customer data as soon as you get a subscription. Analyze and model data within your dashboard to create perfect customer journeys, identify automated workflows that you can use to streamline processes, and always send the perfect reward with personalization and customization tokens. You can collect extra data with embedded forms and custom attributes, which allow you to track and register any customer detail you can measure. Use your data to identify at-risk customers, your most profitable customers, and segments that could be targeted more effectively.

Custom App

With our software, you can create your own custom loyalty app in just a few clicks. Configure your app design, content and functionalities from directly within your loyalty dashboard - no coding necessary. Drag and drop your own branding and content to create the perfect touchpoint for customers to earn points, stay up-to-date with your program, and check out their own loyalty account page. The loyalty app gives you a 24/7 touchpoint with your customers, meaning you maximize your conversion rates and never miss an opportunity.

Automation & Integrations

We didn't stop at WooCommerce. Our software is fully integrable with multiple eCommerce, POS and HR solution providers, meaning that we take the heavy lifting out of your business processes for you. You can also set up automation within your loyalty program, meaning you're always in the right place at the right time. Create automated workflows to trigger email campaigns, send automatic rewards to customers, or stay on the ball about special occasions like customer birthdays or loyalty anniversaries.

Gift Cards & Discounts

Create discounts on demand to promote a set of products, kick-start a campaign, or reward customers. With our digital gift cards, you can create your very own design for either digital or physical gift cards - or both! Customers can redeem both gift cards and discounts online or offline, and your gift cards and discounts are always for your loyalty program, not for your e-commerce provider. You can also include both discounts and digital gift cards within email campaigns or via your custom app.


Gamification can really bring your program to the next level. Drive customer engagement with gamification features such as loyalty rules, loyalty levels and tiers, and badges for loyalty leaders. You can also incorporate rules to add to gamification, with examples such as booster periods or happy hour periods where point multiplier rules are implemented. Base tiers or levels on the number of points earned or redeemed, points balance, or other metrics. The point is to keep it fun while also giving members a little challenge to work towards.


Our software comes with built-in marketing tools, meaning that you can launch campaigns in just a few clicks. Use our marketing tool to build on-brand marketing initiatives with our drag-and-drop editor, which gives you the perfect look and feel every time. Build your marketing campaigns around specific customer attributes or segments to maximize your ROI, which you can easily build with our CRM tools. Dynamically include rewards, gift cards, coupons and more within your marketing campaigns. What's more, you can use triggers and automation to ensure that people are enrolled in campaigns at the perfect time - never too early or late. Take your marketing to social media channels to maximize your reach.

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