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8 minutes

Shopware Loyalty Plugin: Discounts, Rewards, Points & More

Cormac O'SullivanPiggy

Having another party facilitate your e-commerce store works exceptionally well for many business owners. It ensures that your store is always online (at least we'd hope so). It also guarantees access to quality, integrated solutions, such as order management, payment processing, and delivery solutions.

However, not owning your own website can also pose its own limitations. The amount of third-party tools you can use on your website often decreases, and you have less flexibility in terms of the design and layout of your webpage(s).

There's also a larger problem with using third-party platforms - you often don't get as much customer data as you would with your own website, and it's less easy to implement tools within your page without full control of it.

Our Shopware Integration

We've developed a Shopware plugin that gives you the tools to break through plateaus and boost customer loyalty. Incorporate rewards, unique customer accounts & identifiers, email marketing & more into your everyday processes with our Shopware loyalty integration.

Our loyalty plugin is completely white-label, meaning that you can maintain an on-brand presence regardless of the channel. Your program will be seamlessly integrated with Shopware, so your customer experience will level up. Use context-based messaging, personalized rewards & discounts, gamification, and irresistible rewards to increase customer loyalty, purchase frequency, and shopping basket size.

The Features

Discounts & Gift Cards

Apply discounts across your webshop and customer base, or select specific discounts based on customer segment. Create new discounts in just a few clicks, then add them to emails or display them in your reward catalog. Use monetary discounts or percentage discounts, and place rules on them to decide what products the discounts apply to - then watch your sales hit the roof.

Our integration with Shopware also gives you access to on-brand gift cards, designed to perfection by our in-house team. Include gift cards in your promotions, gift them to your most loyal customers, or sell them to existing customers to help them with the perfect gift.


Construct your rewards just the way you want them with a custom Shopware loyalty plugin. Decide what they are, how much they're worth, how they can be achieved, who they're available to, how long they're available for - the list goes on! Reward customers with products, services, points, or experiences to boost engagement - all from your Shopware store.

Create new rewards to promote a set of products, different rewards if you have different sales channels, or use rewards to target a group of customers. Don't forget that you can include rewards outside of your product base, so think of added extras like no shipping costs.


Our integration with Shopware means that you can stay top-of-mind at all times. Drive your customer loyalty with email campaigns that can target your entire customer base, specific segments, or individual customers. Start campaigns that can be triggered by certain customer actions or attributes, making sure you never miss a beat. Include rewards and more within your emails and boost engagement with perfect personalization every time.


Our rule builder ensures that you stay in control at all times. They control when, where, to whom, and how often rewards are available - and so much more. One example of a rule would be to set up a Shopware discount to promote your Shopware store, meaning that this discount can only be redeemed through Shopware purchases. Another example could be setting a maximum discount per purchase. Rules can also be used for gamification, so include things like happy hours, point multipliers, loyalty tiers & more to increase customer engagement.

Custom App

With our software & loyalty plugin with Shopware, you also receive your own custom app - completely free. Our white-label solution gives you complete control, meaning that you simply configure your design and branding settings, and voila! Your app is completely integrated with your program, so any updates made in your dashboard will be configured in the app as well. This is the perfect tool for having an ever-present touchpoint with your customers and staying top-of-mind at all times.

Customer Accounts & Data

With the integration of our loyalty software with Shopware, you have access to customer data that you didn't before. Review, analyze, and model customer purchasing patterns and preferences easily with your insights dashboard. Beyond this, collect extra customer data to create more complete customer profiles with our forms feature. Use this data to create customized and personalized campaigns, rewards, discounts, and more.


Our software can be easily adapted, integrated, or run on autopilot. Use integrations to ensure that your payment processes - whether online or offline - are seamless. Our program is completely integrable with Shopware, meaning you and your customers can enjoy easy, safe, and frictionless checkout processes. Build in other existing tools or processes to iron the creases out of your customer experience and speed up your workflows.


Use our automation feature to win time and send customers messages, rewards, gift cards, or updates based on custom triggers. Build automated email flows that can be triggered by customer actions or characteristics, allowing you to achieve perfect personalization. Segment your campaigns into set groups of customers, and include gift cards, discounts, or rewards within your campaigns.

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