More loyalty through the right rewards

With the right rewards, your customers will come back again and again. This way you increase your turnover, both in-store and on your webshop.
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Infinitely flexible

Choose the rules and rewards that suit your business, intuitively and quickly.

Plug & play

Get started with the # 1 loyalty platform in just 5 minutes.

Helpful statistics

Gain insight into customer behavior and fine-tune your rewards.

Set-up your own rewards programs according to your taste

Launch a rewards program that's the perfect fit for your business. Create unique rewards that encourage repeat visitors, including discounts, vouchers, gifts or unique Piggy Deals. Your customers will thank you by spending more and visiting more often.

Our app and card make collecting points easier

Even if you're offering great rewards - customer participation is the key to success. The Piggy app removes the barriers to joining, letting customers collect points at any company, meaning up to 4x more people will participate. With more than 3 million established Piggy users, your program will be off to a flying start.

Earn rewards at all points of sale, in-store and online

Your customers can easily earn rewards at all of your points of sale. How? Customers scan their card or app via a tablet on your counter, on your mobile or in your webshop..

Tablet with LoyaltyPhone with LoyaltyWeb with Loyalty

Experiment, learn and improve with statistics

Get to know your customers buying behavior better and gain insight into the success of your rewards program. Also discover who your most loyal customers are and how you can approach them in more efficient ways, helping you make immediate adjustments and build a valuable customer base.


Pay and collect points at the same time

By linking their Piggy account to their debit card, your customers can automatically save points with every purchase, both in-store and on your webshop. This makes earning points easier and faster than ever. Convenient for your customers and your company.

Integrate with webshops, cash registers and payment systems

Our integrations make it even easier for you to connect with your customers. Link our software to your E-commerce platform, or automate it yourself with our API.

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I really like that people recognize Piggy. They love collecting points and earning rewards. The whole process is a lot of fun. It's an experience.

Jorien Kunst - Izy fashion

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