Increased partipation from your customers

No more separate loyalty cards or stamps. With the free Piggy app, customers can collect points at any company, encouraging participation and building loyalty.
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Higher participation

With Piggy, 4x more customers participate.

Wide reach

Enjoy access to more than 3 million Piggy users.


Let customers collect at every point of sale.

One card and app to collect points everywhere

With the Piggy app and card, customers can collect points at lots of companies. However, points collected with you, can only be redeemed at your company. This convenience ensures greater participation. And with 3,000,000 Piggy members, your program will be off to a flying start.

The toolbox for you and your customers

With one scan or click, your customers can easily collect points in-store or online. And when they link their debit card, they can automatically collect points with every payment.

In-store & webshopLet customers collect points with just a single scan or a single click.
Extra promotionRaise awareness with all Piggy members in the area, increasing your customer base.
Points in one placeGive customers instant updates on loyalty points and rewards.
Debit card linkFully automate saving points thanks to the debit card link.
Clear incentivesShow customers what unique rewards they can earn.
User friendlyDesigned to provide an optimal user experience.

I can see where I can collect points wherever I am! Really great. No more 14 separate apps and cards! More locations should do this.

Lautje Havo - Apple App Store

Enjoy even more convenience with the Piggy app