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Customer data & segmentation

Turn one-time visitors into loyal brand fans.

Gain insight into members with in-depth profile overviews, churn analysis, and custom attributes. Create segments, win-back campaigns, and automate retention processes in just a few clicks.

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Bird’s-eye view

Gain an overview in seconds with lists & filters.

Our CRM tool allows you to use filters and lists to create an overview of all members, segments, or even individuals. Plus, you can even create attributes yourself.

Home of loyalty

Enrich your member profiles with custom attributes and forms.

Record anything from members’ addresses to allergies or family size - if you can name it, you can record it. Base your automated workflows on these custom attributes and collect extra data with custom forms.

Full functionality

Segmentation in just a few clicks.

Segmentation has never been so easy with static or dynamic segmentation lists. Use static lists for one-off campaigns, or create dynamic lists to use in automations.

Piggy is a great solution for us because they offer a fully integrated system. With so many features, it completely fits our needs.
Laurens LeeuwisCo-founder Pizza Beppe

Experience management

Templates for every occasion or custom data forms

Every purchase, scan, or click is a new data point. Automatically collect member data & reward performance data, get extra data in return for rewards, and make adjustments based on direct member feedback.

Really get to know your audience.

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