Invest in the relationship with your customers

All of these tools on a single platform to strengthen the bond with your customers. No development costs and endless options.

Set up loyalty programs according to taste

Piggy makes building loyalty programs a piece of cake. Choose rewards that encourage repeat visits, such as discounts, vouchers, gifts or unique Piggy Deals, and think about how customers can redeem them.

This is how loyalty works

Smarter contact with your customers

Create professional newsletters at the touch of a button. Choose from over 100+ beautiful templates and the add your unique corporate identity with the email editor. And with automatic emails you can ensure you always send the right message at the right time.

Everything about marketing

Extra turnover with your own giftcards

The total solution for your digital or physical giftcards. From design to online-sales and sales registration - Piggy takes care of it all for you. Everything is digital and automatic, so there's nothing to worry about.

Give it as a present

Manage everything with a few clicks

Every company is different. That's why you determine the framework for your organization with the management module. Whether you manage one company, or 1,000 branches, you're in complete control. Easily determine branch structure, user rights or simply choose the best integrations remotely.

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No extra work due to smart integrations

Connect Piggy to all of your systems at once for a total loyalty offering. Everything can be arranged with a few clicks in the Piggy Marketplace.

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Start your own loyalty program in just 5 minutes