Process your customers quickly and efficiently

The Piggy store app has been designed to allow you to allocate points to your customers in seconds. It's completely free, and we're releasing new features on a regular basis.
Store App Hero

How it works

Our talented UI and UX experts have created a smooth, intuitive system:

  • Once the customer has paid, they scan their Piggy card or app
  • You then enter the purchase amount, allocating points to the customer’s account
  • The customer can then see if they can redeem any rewards on screen
  • The Piggy system is updated in real-time, and viewable on the dashboard
  • Modifying any transaction is quick and easy

Fully customisable to fit your business perfectly

Like most aspects of Piggy, you can choose how the Store App appears. Add your own branding and visuals, choose the functionality - everything down to the size of the buttons.


I can see where I can collect points wherever I am! Really great. No more 14 separate apps and cards! More locations should do this.

Lautje Havo - Apple App Store