Earn rewards at your favorite stores

With the Piggy App and card, you can save for amazing rewards at all your favorite stores, webshops, bars and restaurants. And you’ll always know when there are great deals in your area.
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Collect everywhere

You only need one app and card for multiple locations

Amazing rewards

Know which stores are participating and where you can collect points


Insight into your loyalty points and rewards.

Discover new shops and earn rewards

In the app you’ll find information about your favourite stores, as well as new restaurants and shops in your area with great promotions - and webshops too. Do you have enough points? If so, redeem rewards in the app and check for fun Piggy Deals. It’s the easy way to get even more out of your Piggy account

Check the balance of your giftcard

The Piggy app means you always have instant access to your points and rewards. Even if someone gives you a giftcard, or you receive a stripcard, you can easily check in the app how much credit you have.

Collect points automatically

When you link your Piggy account to your debit card, you can automatically save points with every purchase. This way you don't even need the app or card anymore. Collecting points becomes even easier!