The website widget

The Piggy Widget is an easy addition to your website that offers a range of functionality. Once installed, it will pop-up immediately letting users:
  • See the rewards you’re offering
  • Instantly sign-up to your newsletter
  • Purchase and send digital giftcards
Widget Hero

Display rewards online

Use the widget to quickly and easily show visitors the kind of rewards they can earn by signing up to your loyalty program.

Build your mailing list

The widget also gives visitors the ability to sign-up to your newsletter or mailing list directly. Helping you to build a robust database that you have complete control over.

Offer giftcards direct from your site

It’s now possible to sell digital giftcards, without customers leaving your site. The widget gives customers the ability to select an amount, a recipient, pay and then have them delivered - all while remaining on your website.

Better communication

The widget also features a ‘Contact’ button which allows visitors to your website to email you directly. There is also a section you can update yourself with text and an image to communicate special offers or product news.

Easy installation

Getting the widget up and running on your site couldn’t be easier. All it requires is a single line of code to be placed into your existing website code and you’re ready to go. If you have questions our Customer Success team is here to help.

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