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An omnichannel approach will give your business a longer shelf-life


Let your customers use the channels that suit them best.

When it comes to selling fresh produce, traditionally the focus has always been on physical stores and market stalls, where people can examine the ribeyes, smell the speltbrood and squeeze the avocados.

Recently, however, one thing has been made abundantly clear - produce retailers are going to have to start putting more effort into their online offerings.

Fortunately, there are already proven ways for retailers to ensure their online offering is just as fresh as the produce in their stores. 

Companies like Midmid offer turn-key solutions for building websites and webshops, while also managing payment services. 

Piggy, on the other hand, helps businesses build loyalty - both online and offline - while also creating simple, yet sophisticated, marketing programs.


Online or offline? Why not both?

The idea here is not online vs offline, but how successful businesses need to offer both at the same time, in a package that is increasingly being referred to as an ‘omnichannel approach' - where the customer can decide how they want to interact with the retailer, and they know they’ll receive the same level of service, and the same quality product.

Here are just a few of the benefits of an omnichannel approach:

1 - 24-hour ordering

Customers can place orders the night before, which you can prepare for them the next day. Letting both parties use their time more efficiently - yet still providing an opportunity for face-to-face interaction. 

2 - Increasing your marketing reach

By using geo-targeting, you can connect with people in your area without the need for a huge budget. It’s an excellent way of driving webstore and in-store traffic.

3 - More measurable results

Measuring digital visits, clicks, etc. is simple and easy. However, gathering data in-store is more of a challenge. A loyalty system like Piggy can help you create a more integrated customer database, to make your marketing more efficient.

4 - Online marketing is quicker and cheaper

Offline promotions and POS materials usually require design, printing and distribution - but online promotions can be designed and sent in minutes - while also providing better ROI.


Encourage growth by offering customers more options

Let’s take Mrs Van de Berg, from down the road, as an example. She loves cooking with quality ingredients, and also prides herself on buying local produce, which is better for her family, and the environment. Some days, she likes to visit the shops herself, and stop-off for yoga in the park with her friends. 

Other days, when she’s running after the kids, she gets on her smartphone in between errands and orders the same produce, from the same shops that she knows and trusts so well. 

To her, having the ability to choose is fantastic - and the fact that she can collect points and earn rewards through her Piggy account, whichever way she chooses, gives her a sense of achievement.


Building convenience and trust

Looking at the customer journey in this way, is not only beneficial for Mrs Van de Berg. Local businesses can now fine-tune how they position themselves. The in-store experience offers an opportunity to showcase product quality, knowledge, and make a personal connection. 

While the online process is about convenience, trust and delivery - while also providing an opportunity to build their social media audience and engagement. 

A by-product of this approach is that with two active channels, businesses can protect themselves from unexpected occurrences, such as the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. In fact, in some circumstances, situations like this can even become an opportunity for growth, by giving them a competitive advantage.


Going omnichannel is easier than you think...

Companies like Midmid and Piggy have a wealth of experience when it comes to looking at customer journeys, customer behaviour, streamlining processes, building loyalty and actively triggering customers with clever marketing campaigns. 

They also provide a range of masterclasses, guides and tips to help businesses start offering a true omnichannel solution to their customers.

If you have a stand-alone store, small franchise or even a national chain, then your best option is probably an open-loop loyalty platform. It can provide you with the software, tools and confidence you need to help take your business to the next level.

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