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Sterk Amsterdam ditched old-fashioned stamp cards for a digital loyalty solution.


Thanks to a digital rewards program, Sterk Amsterdam attracts and retains customers with ease, and gathers valuable customer data for analysis and marketing at the same time.

Sterk Amsterdam

The first Sterk store opened its doors on Waterlooplein in the 1950s and since then Sterk has become a household name as a specialty delicatessen.

With a unique range from artisan bread to exclusive beers, wines and fresh produce, for special events or everyday shopping, their motto is simple and strong - “Sterk has it”.

The challenge

With so many more accessible online competitors, customers are increasingly using their phones to find the best deals online, rather than visiting physical stores.

Sterk wanted to find a way to reward customers who decided to visit their stores and choose from their selection, by offering a wide range of different rewards customers could choose from.

Aside from increasing foot-traffic and turnover, Sterk also wanted a way to measure the effectiveness of the program - as there are many factors that determine how and why customers shop, from location to price. Loyalty is just a part of the puzzle.

The journey

Sterk initially started looking at stamp cards, but quickly realised that a digital solution had many, many more benefits, from data collection to saving on printing and production.

Different digital loyalty programs were also approached, but most were very basic, and didn’t offer smartphone functionality - which would be crucial in reaching a new, younger audience who spend a lot of time on their phones.

The discovery

Once Sterk saw and heard what Piggy could do, they were immediately interested.

Not only was Piggy a digital loyalty platform, with smartphone functionality - but they also made collecting points and earning rewards fun.

On top of this, the Piggy system automatically captures data, creating a customer database of local customers who Sterk could then contact with monthly newsletters and emails - helping to build a stronger relationship.

The implementation

After a quick onboarding session, the Piggy software was installed onto devices and placed in stores, and a range of rewards were selected. In total, Sterk’s loyalty program was up-and-running in under a week.

In-store customers were then invited to join the loyalty program when they visited, with many signing up then-and-there.

Digital advantages

Being able to download an app that accurately recorded their transactions, points earned and progress towards earning rewards was both useful and appealing to the target audience.

All participating customers can now also be reached by email campaigns - which have a very high opening rate. This mailing list belongs solely to Sterk and reduces the indeed for advertising or boosting posts on social media.

Ongoing loyalty

However, one of the biggest advantages of this process for retailers is the emotional connection. Having an app on your phone is more personal, and helps customers to feel like they are building a friendly relationship.

In fact, the savings that customers are making is not necessarily the main driver. Instead, the fun part of the program, where customers make progress towards rewards, then finally redeem them, providing a sense of achievement, seems to be the biggest driver.


Over 900 customers

26.1% of store relationship

Contributed by the Piggy app

17.5% of visitor intention

Contributed by the Piggy app