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Kern Schuhe connects with their customer base.


Since using Piggy for their customer loyalty program and marketing, Kern Schuhe was able to increase the number of subscribed newsletter recipients 19 times.

Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K.

Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. is a regional family business and offers a wide range of affordable shoes, fashion and accessories from well-known brands in almost 30 branches in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, which are known as KERN SCHUHE, KERN Schuhe | Mode | Lifestyle and KERN SPORT.

Since taking over ten well-established branches in 1998, Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. has grown steadily. However, with now over 44,000 customers per month, the relationship with each individual is still very important to the Kern family. So in 2020, they decided to offer their own KERN customer card to reward their clientele for their loyalty.

Ø 1,650 customers per day in 30 branches

Total customers

Loyalty program & marketing

Piggy Module

11,000 registered members

1st year loyalty program

The challenge

Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. was faced with the challenge of finding a provider who would enable them to introduce their own loyalty card for their numerous branches.

In addition to the cards, it was necessary to provide software that would enable the administration of a personalised loyalty program with various rewards, as well as a customer database.

Various providers were considered, whereby the individual adaptability of the system was ultimately the deciding factor. In addition, the alternative systems could not display the necessary statistics and the offer of rewards was only possible in monetary form.

The solution

Several factors played a role in the decision to use Piggy as a software solution for the management of loyalty cards and programs, e-mail marketing and digital image display. On the one hand, the ease of use of the system. On the other hand, that Piggy works innovatively and is always evolving.

Since the decision for the system was made, it has been constantly optimised and adapted to the needs of the users - as Louisa, Marketing Manager at Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K., reports:

"What has also already been confirmed is that Piggy is innovative and always wants to develop further. The system was already good, but now it's even better. So there's always something happening."

It was especially important for the staff on the shop floor: Piggy is intuitive for them to use and easy to understand. In addition, an integration with the POS system was considered at a later date in order to further accelerate the process at the checkout.

The implementation

During the installation of the Piggy terminals and training of the employees, Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. was initially accompanied by the sales manager, Michael. After the first few shops, they then took over the installation independently as well as with the help of a provided step-by-step guide including pictures.

In addition, the management of Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. wrote their own supplementary instructions, for example with explanations regarding the booking of bonuses such as value vouchers or shoe care products.

The demonstration of the system directly on site proved to be particularly helpful and illustrative for branch employees.

The benefits

Soon after the introduction of the new KERN loyalty card, customers showed enthusiasm and motivation to collect points with every purchase.

During the lockdown and temporary closure of all branches, both the loyalty program and email marketing helped to maintain contact with customers and keep them informed of any news.

The company was able to cleverly meet the increased price sensitivity of the clientele with vouchers and loyalty bonuses, which customers sometimes specifically "saved up" for.

Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. is confident that their loyal customers now clearly feel the appreciation of the company and that the relationship with the customer has been strengthened.

The result

Already within the first year, Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. was able to achieve good results - despite restrictions due to the pandemic - and build up a significantly stronger bond with its clientele.

The share of regular customers (customers with a KERN customer card) in the purchases per day has risen from about 19 to 27 percent within only 10 months.

At the same time, the value of the average voucher per purchase with a customer card has increased significantly and now amounts to €70 per purchase, compared to around €60 at the start of the loyalty program. This corresponds to an increase of around ⅙ in the first year alone after the introduction of the KERN loyalty cards and the associated loyalty program.

Meanwhile, customers collecting points contribute up to 40 percent of the total turnover per day, depending on the branch and day of the week.

Loyalty program and e-mail marketing also offer Peter Kern Schuhhandel e.K. the opportunity to offer their regular customers special promotions such as double points on Black Friday instead of extreme price reductions.

The number of newsletter subscribers compared to before using Piggy could be increased 19-fold with a steady open rate of 25% or higher.

Successes at a glance

19x more newsletter subscribers

than before using Piggy

3,000 purchases with loyalty card

per month

Increase in purchase value of the Ø bon by ⅙

within the 1st year