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Dalfsen supports local shopping with the "Dalfser Giftcard".


The Dalfsen City Council motivates customers to shop locally by introducing the "Dalfser Giftcard" and "Dalfserpas", connecting local shops through a joint loyalty and giftcard program.

Dalfsen City Council

Dalfsen is a town in the Salland region of the Dutch province of Overijssel - population 28,000. Dalfsen’s closest neighbour, just 20 minutes away, is the city of Zwolle, population 120,000. The Dalfsen Council distributes around €40,000 in giftcards each year as rewards for informal carers in the district. Unfortunately, most of these giftcards are then taken to the big city of Zwolle and used at shops there.

In fact, local shoppers deciding to go to Zwolle - instead of visiting local businesses - is a growing problem for local Dalfsen businesses.

The challenge

In 2020 Dalfsen Council decided it was time to try and find a solution to this problem.

The idea was to find some sort of loyalty program that would encourage local residents to shop locally. If this could be combined with some form of digital giftcard program, perhaps local businesses would start seeing more customers?

Ideally these solutions would be digitally orientated to help reduce printing and production costs.

The journey

A number of different loyalty companies and giftcards providers contacted, and invited to create proposals for how they would go about either providing loyalty or giftcards for Dalfsen.

A wide range of different loyalty systems and giftcard options were presented - but one stood out from the rest - by offering a proven digital loyalty platform AND a digital giftcard system at the same time. That system was Piggy.

The discovery

After the initial meetings it became clear that Piggy would be able to provide everything Dalfsen Council was looking:

• A loyalty program that rewarded residents for shopping locally
• A digital network that could create and accept giftcards
• Automatic data capture to help local entrepreneurs build customer databases

Piggy was also able to provide additional functionality, such as marketing tools and newsletter creation.

The implementation

As with all council-wide initiatives, it was important to attempt to get everyone on-board, so a town meeting was convened where representatives from Piggy presented the system and how it worked to local business owners.

Predictably, feedback was not unanimous. Some business owners thought it was great, others were a little reluctant to change to such a different system.

In the end, around 20 local businesses decided to move forward with Piggy and start using it in their stores and webshops.

Digital advantages

Upgrading to a digital platform meant that customers only needed a single swipe card or app to collect points at businesses all over Dalfsen. Registering was quick and simple, with only an email address required.

However the giftcard program made it possible for the Council to determine that their giftcards could ONLY be accepted in participating Dalfsen businesses. This was a massive advantage to local business owners.

This situation also gave businesses who hadn’t yet joined the council’s business initiatives an incentive to become part of the Dalfsen Council, in order to participate in the giftcard program.

Ongoing loyalty

Now that the system has been in place for a little while and people have had time to get used to it, its benefits are becoming more obvious. In fact, recently a range of new Dalfsen businesses have decided to sign-up with the Piggy system.


Redeemed in the first 3 months

21 stores

774 giftcards
Redeemed in the first 3 months