Grow faster with more loyal customers

Local businesses depend on loyal customers with sustainable growth. Piggy helps small businesses with a great-value loyalty platform that allows you to:
  • Reward returning customers with special gifts
  • Stay top-of-mind with email marketing
  • Make giftcards with your own branding.
Piggy partners

Strengthen the bond with your customers

Let customers save for special rewards and put regular customers in the limelight with vouchers, gifts and discounts. You determine the rules and rewards yourself giving you complete control. And with the Piggy App, customers can also collect points at 8,000 other stores and webshops, helping to ensure participation.

Personal customer experience

Automatically collect useful data about all your regular customers, such as how often they visit, their birthday and purchase history. This way you can personalise customer experiences, offer unique rewards, celebrate birthdays and generate more positive reviews.

Why Piggy for Small Business?

More than 8,000 restaurants, stores and webshops are already rewarding their best customers and growing their sales. It’s easy to start, easy to maintain, and you can also start offering email marketing and generating extra sales with unique giftcards.

Start rewarding your best customers