Reward your loyal customers

More loyal customers means lower costs and higher margins. Piggy is a proven loyalty platform for retail:
  • Make it easy for customers to save
  • Encourages repeat purchases
  • Collect valuable data.
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Encourage repeat business

In retail, customer loyalty is the foundation for sustainable growth. Piggy's powerful loyalty platform makes it easy to set effective, relevant rewards, both in-store and online. Reward your best customers and generate repeat purchases to help increase turnover and grow your business.

Gain insight into customer behavior

Generating return customers is great for increasing turnover - and it also gives you the chance to collect valuable data. Collect and view birthdays, purchasing behavior, preferences and more - all clearly arranged in one database.

Why Piggy for Retail?

More than 8,000 entrepreneurs and retailers are already creating more loyal customers and increasing their turnover with Piggy. Not only is it easy to set up and change your rewards, but you can also stay top-of-mind with email marketing and generate extra sales with your own gift cards.

Reward your loyal customers today