Reward your loyal guests

Creating repeat guests is vital for almost every restaurant. Piggy loyalty programma for restaurants helps you achieve this and a lot more:
  • Encourage repeat visitors with relevant rewards
  • Stay top-of-mind with email marketing
  • Offer giftcards with your own branding.
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Encourage your guests to return more often

In the hospitality industry everything revolves around special experiences. With Piggy you put your returning guests in the limelight by offering fun extras, like unique rewards that money can’t buy. The Piggy App makes it possible for customers to collect points at your restaurant and 8000+ other stores and webshops, constantly increasing participation rates.

Learn more about your best guests

Now you can automatically collect useful data about all of your loyal customers. Data-points like how often they visit, their birthdays and what they order. This data lets you create even more customised experiences, including unique rewards, birthday discounts, positive reviews and more.

Why Piggy for Restaurants?

More than 8,000 restaurants, stores and webshops are already creating more loyalt customers and growing their business with Piggy. Not only is it easy to get started and set your own rewards, but you can also stay top-of-mind with email marketing, and generate extra sales with unique giftcards

Attract more loyal visitors